ZHider Crack [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Privacy is an important aspect that most users take into account when browsing the Internet or when working, therefore many applications that try to protect it were created. Keeping opened windows from prying eyes is a task for which Zhider was especially designed.
Hide running programs
This lightweight tool aims to offer its users a means of putting away from sight any running app that has a GUI. Zhider itself runs in the background and only a key combination will bring it up and into focus.
The advantages of being portable
A great thing about this program is that it doesn't require installation. This means you can easily carry it with you on any portable storage device and run it on any PC to enhance your privacy. Plus, it doesn't leave any traces in the Windows registry.
Use hotkeys for accessing the app
Only through the use of hotkeys does this software make its functions available, but as soon as you manage to reach the main window, you can use the menus and choose the commands you need. When you have Zhider in list mode, you will be able to view details for every hidden item.
Hide, unhide and remove utilities
Managing the concealed applications is a pretty straightforward job. You can view each window's ID, the visibility status, name and class as well. Also, the commands for hiding, unhiding and removing apps from the list are at hand.
Command-line support
For those who prefer console usage, Zhider is capable of running via command-line, provided that a few parameters are known.
There is an advantage when using this method, namely the possibility to leave out DLL injection so the hidden windows will not be invisible from Task Manager as well. Another plus for command-line usage is the ability to run a process silently and have it hidden upon launch.
Bottom line
To sum things up, it's safe to say that Zhider does quite well what it's supposed to and can keep your most important application windows away from prying eyes.







ZHider With License Key Free Download (2022)

Paying attention to the fact that the majority of people today want to be familiar with their personal data when they browse the Internet, Cracked ZHider With Keygen was designed to protect users from the threat of having to open unwanted programs at random times.
The removal of the tracker from the Internet is achieved by running specific software so it does not find any information about the other program. In addition, a technological boost allows the program to operate invisibly, meaning it does not leave any traces in the operating system.
The tool also allows you to avoid malicious code in real time, and it is able to continuously monitor the system to ensure it is in a safe state.
A couple of features that distinguish ZHider Crack Free Download include:

Streaming scanner for spyware

A direct link to the program’s website

Program execution through command-line without additional software

Ability to hide all running Windows applications

Let Zhider hide any running applications, both in the case of no windows and all. It is able to both hide every window and an application that is already open without the need for a restart. Thus, opening an important document is not longer a problem with this app.
The tool contains a feature that will locate all the processes running in your computer when it starts and will hide them. It also shows a window that allows the user to launch the program and also to hide it from the screen.
Zhider comes with a scanner for spyware on the user’s computer. This way, the program immediately recognizes all the programs and will then hide them.
In addition, the check allows the user to confirm whether the programs that are going to be hidden are known to be safe. This way, the user will not be opening fake and harmful programs.
The main window of the app has a menu that is used to launch the application or to hide it. After logging in, one can access the lists of running applications in the computer. It also has various ways to manage processes, such as the ability to hide them in the case of no windows, and it offers different menu items to control the program.
The program offers a number of advantages, including the ability to protect users from spyware and malware. In addition, one will be able to easily move all sorts of unwanted programs to the Recycle Bin. A user can also rest assured about not having to reboot the computer, as all the necessary actions have been done automatically by the software.
The interface of the program is friendly and easy to use

ZHider Crack+ Free Download (Final 2022)

ZHider Crack Mac is a full featured utility for hiding applications from task manager and being invisible from Windows, wh…

System Configuration Utility
System Config Utility (aka SysConfig), is a cross-platform application that helps you optimize system settings and problems in a simple and easy way.
System Config Utility is a cross-platform application that helps you optimize system settings and problems in a simple and easy way.
Add a new icon to Speed Boost menu
Setting Manager
System Config Utility can add a new icon to Speed Boost menu
– Fast settings
– Defrag
– Advanced settings
– System services
You can add a new icon to Speed Boost menu by the method:
1. Open System Settings (Start menu->Settings->System)
2. Click “Apps”
3. Locate Speed Boost and click “Add to Speed Boost”.
Now the new icon will be added into the Speed Boost menu.
– Apply: hide icons from the systray
– Unapply: Show icons from the systray
– Disable: hide icons from the systray (but the systray icon is disabled too)
– Enable: show icons from the systray
– Reload: refresh the icon position after reload
– Set size: set the size of icons
The 10 icons are stored to a folder in your desktop.
You can set the icon size by right clicking “icon2” in the right panel of the icons, then select size and enter a number for size.
Setting Manager
– Normal: the application settings only available for “favorite app” or “system apps” (refer to the left side panel of setting manager when you start it for the number of favorite apps and system apps)
– Read only: only show current state and you cannot edit the settings
– Read/Write: allow you to edit the settings
Windows Vista (and XP) limit the number of setting managers for one user to 20. If you open more than 20 setting managers, the newest opened ones will be closed.
System services
– About
– Add
– Disable
– Edit
– Execute
– Hide
– Report
– Shutdown
System service can enable/disable other system services.
Disabling system services can decrease performance or disable some components (like checking email or internet connection). If you find you want to disable a service, please don’t just delete it by opening the service


Zhider is a lightweight tool for hiding running programs. You don’t need to install it, just copy it on any portable device or even run it on any PC.
It has the capability to hide any running program which has a GUI. It doesn’t leave any trace in the Windows registry. There is a key combination to bring the application to the foreground and to put it away again.
Supports Portable Installation
You can carry it with you and run it on any PC.
The application hides a running program quietly at the beginning of the OS boot. It does not require DLL injection. The hidden process remains invisible from Task Manager.
Hides Running Programs by Windows Process ID
You can use PIDs of hidden process windows. It shows the name of the concealed application and its visibility status.
Runs By Command Line
You can run Zhider without installation. You will need to know the running program’s PID. It is capable of running silently.
The software can be run by command line too.
You can unhide running programs, which are already hidden by right clicking on them or pressing the assigned hotkey combination. For the latter method, you’ll see the list of hidden processes. You can choose to unhide the process you want, or all of them.
Allows to Remove Hidden Programs
You can also remove hidden processes from the list by right clicking on them or by pressing the assigned hotkey combination.
A list of hidden programs is created, which can be saved.
It is not necessary to insert the list of hidden processes in a file; you can see their details by pressing a key combination on the main window.
You can hide the process that is started using hotkeys.
If there are no hotkeys assigned, the running process can be hidden on the Windows startup.
Various customization options allow to change the appearance of the main window, background color and many other details.
Zhider Features:
* Portable Installation
You do not need to install Zhider, you can simply copy its contents on any portable device.
* Runs on any Windows OS
Zhider can be run on all Windows OSes except Windows XP.
* Keeps Running Programs Hidden
You can use Zhider to keep your most important windows from prying eyes.
* Command Line Support
You can run Zhider from the command line and manage processes with out-of-process options.
* Supports All Windows Processes
You can view hidden process windows with

What’s New in the?

ZHIDER is a very simple utility for hiding running applications from Windows Task Manager. It has been designed to protect applications by screen shot and thus hide Windows features that can be displayed.
System Requirements:
Before using ZHIDER you need to have a license.
User must know the basic commands of Windows such as: CMD, COM, REG, EXE and etc.
MS Windows
MS Windows

X-ploits Description:
X-ploits are utility in the line of Spyware, that once infected the system the user will see a prompt every time he/she tries to browse the Internet or open a file. The message will tell the user to install a program named x-ploits. X-ploits is a program that which will generate random numbers from your keyboard. X-ploits was classified as a Trojan, since it consists of a script which can be downloaded by any one. After downloading, the program will install itself in the system.
In addition to installing itself, X-ploits will send any keystrokes you type into the invisible window for the user to see and use against your computer. Once a user sees the x-ploits window, he/she will be prompted to click on a button, which will make the system worse.
X-ploits is a good option for any user who want to get rid of those pop-up windows and the fake virus alerts because it was developed and released by experts in Security.
System Requirements:
MS Windows
System Requirements:
MS Windows

SpywareBlaster Description:
SpywareBlaster is a standalone software tool that blocks various forms of Internet-borne threats and spyware, including adware, pop-up ads, and other browser hijacking threats. Its wide range of features includes:
– Protection from all known browser hijackers
– Protection from various online threats
– User-friendly execution
– Very fast
– 1-click removal of threats
– Automatic updates
– System requirements are minimal

Memory CardMounter Description:
Memory CardMounter is a lightweight yet capable program that enables you to mount any type of memory card on to a Windows computer. This means you can not only transfer photos

System Requirements For ZHider:

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: i5-4570S or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7900
Storage: 35GB available space
Additional: USB Port
OS: Windows 8 64 bit
Processor: i7-4790 or equivalent
Memory: 12GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 290