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Welcome to Pet Shop Panic!
Run a pet shop full of exotic pets on the way to be World’s Number One pet store chain!
You know this your business so the right way! With the customer’s smile, endless supplies and clever business decisions, your pet shop needs to be a winner!
Take your first steps in Pet Shop Panic – choose your starting pet, special purpose location and a special pet species! Then, use your tools to build your shop into a thriving pet store chain and the ultimate winner!
Epic pet store adventure!
• 4 unique locations with many shops each, including:
– Warm Spring
– Restaurant
– Ice Cream Shop
– Main Street
• 8 different pet species, each with their own special skills! From High Society Cavaliers to Puddle Ducks, everyone has a place in your pet store.
• 20 adorable shop assistants with their own personalities
• 30 wonderful pets to buy and collect, including:
– Dimples the Duckling
– Miss Plumpkins
– Cool Chalupa
• A variety of challenges ranging from candy sales to soccer games
• Survival mode with a daily bonus score
• Colorful high definition graphics!
Pet Shop Panic is brought to you by the creators of the award winning Passport Crush mobile game.
If you have played this game, please email us at support@petdreamsgames.com to tell us how it’s changed your life and make it a worldwide success story!

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***NEW NEWS*** This is now available in the App Store as well! ***
The ice cream truck driver is late! Again! This means that the ice cream is melting at an alarming rate. If we don’t get it back to the top in time for the festival then everyone will be looking for us! The festival starts in one hour!
The ghosts will return with their heckling and horror if we don’t finish the ice cream before then.
You must be quick! You must be accurate! You must be clever! And remember, the clock is always ticking!
Icy Cram. High five!
– How to play:
– Find the ‘Icy Spot’ on the map
– Trip the switch
– Fill the ice cream truck with ice cream
– Protect it until the time runs out
– Scoring:
– Time
– Accuracy
– Ice Cream
Press any


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    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): When did you know Arm Wrestling Rebirth was going to be a success?

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    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): At that time, I was still a junior in a vocational college. I had to work full time, and I didn’t have enough time to try another game.

    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): But now I found time to do the game. I loved the game since the beginning. I was still watching the gameplay videos since then, although I just knew the game will never be a success for me.

    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): I just hope this game can bring some fun to others.

    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): I realized the game was really fun when I got to play against my friends in a match. They still could beat me because I’m not so skilled in the game, but I love the game for its real arm feature.

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    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): I also love this game’s soundtrack.

    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): The game also has the arcade mode. This is fun and really makes you sweat.

    @Simon Tam Waiwai (@WaiwaiAlone): When I beat Chuck Mobb, I love the new ending scene.

    @Simon Tam W


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    System Requirements:

    **Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    **6 GB RAM
    **DirectX 9.0c
    **1.8 GHz
    **4 GB available hard disk space
    What’s New:
    1. New control interface
    2. Added certain functions such as “RetroLogo”, “Emboss”, “Ducking” and “Auto Doppler”
    3. Added the ability to save the level’s parameters in the game