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Keymacro performs actions to keystrokes. It can be used to replace normal keystrokes, to disable a key, or to simulate
keystrokes. A Keymacro can consist of single or multiple commands.
A Keymacro can be “bind” to keys on your keyboard (Caps lock, Scroll lock, Numlock, Shift, etc).
Keymacro also can be used to “hotkey” a command to execute without typing the actual characters.
It supports Alt codes to support character sets other than the US-ASCII. It can be used to represent keys that are not on your keyboard.
The default keymacro system is bound to a function key (F1, F2, F3, F4, etc) and a keymacro and can be used by typing the
appropriate key.
Keymacro also supports “hotkey” to simulate keystrokes. If you are running a web browser, you can use the hotkey feature to
send keys to the web browser.
Additional Notes:
Keymacro will only work for current version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Konqueror, and Mozilla browsers.
Keymacro does not work with Internet Explorer 6.
Keymacro does not work with Windows NT, 2000, or XP.
Keymacro also does not work with the Motorola Dactyl tablet.
Keymacro requires Internet Explorer 5.01, Netscape 4.7, Opera 6, or Mozilla 1.4 for operation.
It also requires the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP OS.
Keymacro can be used in several applications.
It can be used as a replacement for entering keys manually. You can set a keymacro for a function key.
You can also set hotkeys to execute commands without having to type the key.
A Keymacro can also simulate keystrokes to control computers with text input.
The following are some applications that use the IndigoMail. It is not a complete list.
– Internet Explorer
– Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, 6
– Netscape, Netscape 4.7
– Opera 6, 7, 8
– Opera Presto 7
– Mozilla
– Firefox
– Firefox 1.0
– Firefox 1.5
– Firefox 2.0
– Firefox 3.0
– Firefox 3.5
– Firefox 4
– Mozilla SeaMonkey 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a recording software for Windows and macOS.
KeyMacro allows you to record MIDI keyboard, drum kit, synthesizer, VST effect plugin, and other MIDI performance software. The recorded MIDI performance can be saved as a MIDI file or a WAV file. If the recording is saved as a MIDI file, KeyMacro plays the MIDI file during playback. If the recording is saved as a WAV file, KeyMacro plays the WAV file during playback.
KeyMacro has the following functions:
● Input keyboard/ drum kits.
● Output MIDI recording to the computer, via MIDI synthesizer or USB MIDI interface.
● Record synthesizer, VST effect plugin, and drum kit on your computer.
● Playback the recorded sound by MIDI, WAV or by running the recording software.
● Save the recorded sound as a MIDI file or a WAV file.
● Import your favorite MIDI files to the preset library.
● Import your favorite WAV files to the preset library.
● Export the current recording to the preset library as MIDI files or WAV files.
KEYMACRO All in One Packaging:
1. Windows Version for about $20
2. Mac Version for about $25
3. KeyMacro hardware for about $25
Other version for $40
● Mac OS X: 10.7 and later
● Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64)
● Contact me for KEYMACRO support: jiery@hotmail.com
KeyMacro Version History:
– Fixed the issue about the sound did not be recorded when choose the “Output Recording as WAV file” in KeyMacro Audio Recorder/Artist
– Fixed the issue that KeyMacro could not play the WAV file recorded by KeyMacro Audio Recorder/Artist
– Modified the case to return the value of the panning
– Modified the case to make the GUI are displayed in English
– Initial Version
KeyMacro Audio Recorder/Artist was made based on KeyMacro. The goal of the application is to help you in the recording process. KeyMacro Audio Recorder/Artist does not produce high quality recordings. It is just a basic application to help you in the recording process. It records audio