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Abracadabra – Abracadabra is a powerful word in the world of magic. The user can make things appear, disappear, move or change color. It makes no sense but it works. All you have to do is say “abracadabra” twice and then make the necessary movements or type the right phrases to make the desired effect happen. This handy tool uses your computer’s microphone and speakers to recreate the sound.
Videos that you can control from your computer are provided on the program’s website. You can control up to five at a time, and each video will respond to the words you choose.
You will find the program’s help section in the program’s “Options” menu. Read it thoroughly to learn how to make things happen. The site also provides samples and a gallery.
Enjoy this fantastic application. You can even make it speak the word “Abracadabra”.
KEYMACRO Description:

The 3D. The 3D screen saver is the first ever to generate 3D color images from a regular 2D photograph or painting.
PictureShifter – PictureShifter is a free utility that will turn your color photographs into black and white photographs with a simple click. PictureShifter is easy-to-use and will not take up any space on your hard drive.
Takes a 2D color photograph or painting and converts it into a black and white image.
Generates beautiful soft-edged portraits.
Uses only the 1/3 of the original color photographs.
Background pictures can be added or replaced.
Fits well with the desktop.
Works with any color photograph or painting.
Lots of eye-catching effects.

WinZip 19 is a powerful compression tool for PC that can easily split your large files to smaller ones, create self-extracting archives, and many more.
This program allows you to compress and decompress files, archives and self-extracting archives. You can compress and decompress files to and from Zip format, pack and unpack archives and create and extract self-extracting archives.
Furthermore, you can split archives and large files into several smaller files or extract data from archives. The program can work on all versions of Windows and offers some very handy functions, such as saving, renaming and compressing files and folders.
WinZip 19 is an easy-to-use and attractive 70238732e0

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* Disk Wipe is a handy utility that can permanently erase files from your hard drive.
* It is very simple to use: You just need to choose the directories to be deleted, select files you want to shred, and click “Shred files” button.
* Free Disk Wipe doesn’t require any installation. It is a standalone tool that works on all Windows operating systems.
* This utility is highly efficient: When the selected files are removed, they are gone for good.
* It has a good response time, as its performance depends on the speed of your computer.
* Disk Wipe is much more secure than standard file deletion, since it securely erases files beyond recovery.
* You can shred selected files without installing any additional software.
* Disk Wipe doesn’t create any new files and leaves the hard drive clean.
* It is easy to use, even for beginners.
* It has a compact size and can be run on a portable flash disk.
* It can shred files into specific formats, and you can pick the output file type.
* You can even shred specific file types.
* Disk Wipe can shred encrypted files.
* You can easily modify the process settings and user interface.

Full-featured file shredder with a special algorithm for decryption.
Tera Disk Wipe is a very efficient and user-friendly file shredder. It creates unique patterns in your hard drive to completely destroy all deleted files beyond recovery. It works on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its automatic pattern algorithm enables you to shred the following file types:
1. Any type of file (including audio and video files);
2. Text files in all formats;
3. ZIP and RAR archives;
4. Encrypted files;
5. Images and photos.
Tera Disk Wipe is highly efficient, as it has no built-in limits on the number of files that can be shredded. It does not generate any new files, so the hard drive remains clean.
Tera Disk Wipe can be run on a portable flash disk, an external hard drive, or any other storage unit. It has a good response time and does not cause excessive stress on your computer.
Tera Disk Wipe can shred the following file types:
1. Any type of file (including audio and video files);
2. Text files in all formats;
3. ZIP and RAR archives;