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This is an OLE Control Module for 32bit software applications to mix wave audio at run-time.  This is the ActiveX implementation of that OLE control.

2) Add Controls to a Form
Using the OLE automation feature of C++ or C#]

Declare your OLE Control as a global type:
typedef struct tagWordWaveMixer
HWND hwnd;
WORD wFrequency;
WORD wWaveType;
WORD wNumberOfSamples;
BYTE *pSampleBuf;
DWORD dwSampleSize;
DWORD dwLastSamplePos;
} WordWaveMixer, *PWordWaveMixer;

[Read the declaration from here:]
Declare a OLE Control of type: WordWaveMixer (or your OLE Control name)
WordWaveMixer * _pWMWM = NULL;
[C#: ]
WordWaveMixer _pWMWM = null;

[Initialize the control with the appropriate type and name:]

_pWMWM = new WordWaveMixer();
[_pWMWM]->hwnd = hwndForm;
[_pWMWM]->wFrequency = 25000;
[_pWMWM]->wWaveType = 0;
[_pWMWM]->wNumberOfSamples = 128;
[_pWMWM]->pSampleBuf = new BYTE[sizeof(DWORD) * _pWMWM]->wNumberOfSamples;

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Source Wavefiles can be loaded, edited, and saved by the user.
The user is also able to add effects to the wavefile.
The user is able to save the wave file to be read by Wave Mixer on the next session.
1) Wave Mixer ActiveX Crack Free Download supports to build 32 and 64 bit applications.
2) A demo version of the software is available for download.
3) No installation necessary.
4) No additional files required.
5) Source code is included.
6) Wave Mixer ActiveX Free Download is compatible with windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
7) Wave Mixer ActiveX controls both 32 and 64 bits applications, so you don’t have to change anything in your source code, only your application build.
8) Wave Mixer ActiveX can be embedded in the application using iActiveX or by registering your control in the Windows registry.
9) By default, Wave Mixer ActiveX version is loaded as a 32bit control, but can be loaded and registered as a 64bit control.
10) To build a 64bit wave file, you can use the x64 instruction set. To build a 32bit wave file, you can use the x86 instruction set.
11) Wave Mixer ActiveX allows you to edit the wave file during the application runtime.
12) Wave Mixer ActiveX allows you to save the wave file.
13) Wave Mixer ActiveX provides a file I/O services, so you can also load and save wave files from disk.
14) Wave Mixer ActiveX supports multiple files for each wave.
15) Wave Mixer ActiveX supports wave files with different bitrates or sample frequencies.
16) Wave Mixer ActiveX also supports SNDINFO structure to export the mix wave contents in an easier format.
17) Wave Mixer ActiveX supports wave files with different number of channels, where each channel can have a different bit-rate and sample frequency.
18) Wave Mixer ActiveX can mix audio formats.
19) Wave Mixer ActiveX has a template system, so you can apply your own effects.
20) Wave Mixer ActiveX can process multiple audio streams at the same time.
21) Wave Mixer ActiveX can stream

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Makes it easy to install, update and change macros created in a KEYMACRO.
AUDIODB Description:
A Component that allows you to read and write to a COM audio database.
AUDIOMULTI Description:
A Component that allows you to read and write to a COM audio multi-database.
VIRTUALDRV Description:
Allows you to access Virtual CD-ROM drives.
Allows you to access Virtual CD-ROM printers.
The OCX Components lets you integrate with the web technologies (HTML, Flash, JavaScript, etc.) to provide web-based user interfaces for your application.
The COM Components is designed to be a dynamic link library that enables you to use the functionality provided by COM objects.

this is my code

window.onload = function () {
var c = new Flexyizer.Container({
id: “Container”,
style: {
height: 100,
width: 100
var component = new Flexyizer.Component({
id: “

What’s New in the Wave Mixer ActiveX?

Mixes the output of two or more sources into one stream.


To use Mixer ActiveX:

– create two audio data streams.

– set the start position of the first data stream, and the output format (such as WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, M4A).

– set the output format of the second data stream.

– enter the value for the "Mix Factor".

Sample Code:

// Create an instance of a mixer activex.
// This will load from a.dll file on the computer
// containing the Mixer ActiveX control.
IMixer ActiveX mMixer;
// Create an instance of a mixer activex.
mMixer = new Mixer ActiveX();

// Create a data stream for the WAV file.
IAudioDataStream mWavStream;
mWavStream = new WAVFileDataStream(mMixer, @”C:\temp\test.wav”, -1);
// Set the stream’s position to the beginning of the file.
// Set the stream’s format to WAV format.

// Create a data stream for the MP3 file.
IAudioDataStream mMP3Stream;
mMP3Stream = new MP3FileDataStream(mMixer, @”C:\temp\test.mp3″, -1);
// Set the stream’s position to the beginning of the file.
// Set the stream’s format to MP3 format.

// Set the output format of the second stream.
// Set the output format of the second stream

System Requirements:

Intel Core i5 3.3GHz or above
Intel Core i7 4.0GHz or above
8GB of RAM
10 GB of free space
1024×768 resolution screen
DirectX 10.1 is required for this game
The official description of the game reads as follows:
“Set in a futuristic world, where mankind struggles to survive against a seemingly endless invasion of ferocious, shambling creatures, DYAD offers an intelligent, challenging, and personal campaign experience. With the help