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KEYMACRO is a powerful keyboard macro recorder with the capability to capture any keystroke sequence. KEYMACRO provides all the functionality you’d expect from a standard keyboard recorder: you can capture your keystrokes, edit the macros, view and run macros, and change or export macros to text files.
Typing, editing, and viewing are done in the same window: no pop-up windows. It includes a programming language with basic commands like: IF, THEN, ELSE, GOTO, IFDEF, ELSEIF, IFUNDEF, and ENDIF. Keymacro’s syntax is identical to the Visual Basic programming language.
Also included is the Windows API CALL command, which is used in Windows programs to perform actions, such as opening a window, creating a file, or performing dialog boxes. It is a powerful feature, especially useful if you plan on writing your own programs.
Most functions are user-friendly. You can also install macros by highlighting a particular key or by using the F2 or F3 hotkeys. You can even use scripts to automate repetitive actions such as opening a document or changing a file’s properties.
* Shortcut Key: * F2: Change macros.
* F3: Open file.
* F4: Save macro.
* F5: Run macro.
* F6: Export macros to text file.
* F7: Display all macros.
* F8: Print to printer.
* F9: Quit macros.
* F10: Open files.
* F11: Go to next file.
* F12: Go to previous file.
* F13: List file properties.
* F14: Exit macros.
* F15: Display settings and quit.
* F16: Display macros.
* F17: Run macros with system prompt.
* F18: Start Windows Notepad.
* F19: Start Windows Wordpad.
* F20: Start Windows Calculator.
* F21: Go to desktop.
* F22: Go to desktop folder.
* F23: Go to desktop folder.
* F24: Go to desktop folder.
* F25: Go to desktop folder.
* F26: Go to desktop folder.
* F27: Go to desktop folder.
* F28: Go to desktop folder.
* F29: Go to desktop folder.
* F30: Go to desktop folder.
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KeyMacro for PC is a compact, powerful software that lets you control any application that has keyboard shortcuts.
The program can be easily installed and used because there are no complex steps involved.
The interface is quite user-friendly thanks to a minimalist look that comes in handy.
An extensive collection of shortcuts is provided, and you can easily manage and change them.
KeyMacro can be started automatically when you start your PC, and it can even start minimized to the System Tray.
Furthermore, the app can automatically clear the Clipboard contents before starting a session.
If you want to automate the whole process, KeyMacro can be set to launch at startup and appear directly minimized to the System Tray.
As a final touch, the app provides a nice manager that can be accessed by clicking the DeskBar button.
KEYMACRO has several useful options, but it’s still a good idea to find out the basics for the first time.
To do that, KeyMacro includes a few intuitive tips. These brief manuals will guide you through the setup process and explain how to start a session, change the hotkeys and customize the interface.
KeyMacro provides a full keyboard’s functionality, thus enabling you to assign hotkeys to any shortcut. You can find a database of hotkeys that comes in handy quite often.
KeyMacro is compatible with several different shortcut managers. You can use it with the free ones or the trial versions of the paid ones, such as ClavierEdit.
The bottom line is that KeyMacro is an intuitive software that works like a charm.
If you want to try a similar app for Mac, check out the program InstantHotKeys.
KEYMACRO Features:
• Assign keyboard shortcuts to your programs.
• Hide the application’s window and minimize it to the System Tray.
• Start the program automatically when you start your computer.
• Launch the program directly minimized to the System Tray.
• Clear the Clipboard automatically before starting a session.
• Allow the program to start automatically or start manually with a single click.
• Choose between single, multi-key or full-screen shortcuts.
• Set up hotkeys for startup and exit.
• Add hotkeys to the app’s Menu Bar.
• Define shortcuts in a file or use a predefined file.
• Assign shortcuts to several programs at the same time.
• Change shortcuts with the help of a window that pops up while browsing.