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Keymacro is a free ASCII art script editor that offers an easy-to-use solution for creating ASCII art from any key combination of buttons, switches, and even sticks.
It features a highly configurable dialog, which helps you create and save your own ASCII scripts. You have the freedom to combine as many different buttons as you need into a single script.
Furthermore, you can even combine text and pictures to make an animated ASCII script. The software utility comes packed with a set of predefined scripts, such as a copy command, paste command, and rotate command.
Keymacro is a perfect tool to quickly create an ASCII art sequence to send to someone via email. You can even save the created script as a file and send it to someone via email or any file sharing service.
Install Keymacro for Free
To install Keymacro, you must first download and extract the archive to your PC. Simply click the download link and choose to install the downloaded archive.
The archive contains the latest version of the software utility. The executable file is available in the archive and also added to the installation directory.
The setup will install and set the basic configuration parameters. You may have to restart your computer for the changes to be reflected.
If you have some problems during the installation, you can always use the Error Fixing section to troubleshoot any installation issues.
System Requirements:
Before you can install Keymacro, you must make sure that your Windows is running on 32-bit or 64-bit version.
Keymacro works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. In some cases, the included programs may not run on certain versions of Windows. Therefore, you should always make sure that you have the latest update installed.
Keymacro can be freely used to create new ASCII art scripts. The software tool is licensed under GNU GPL license.
Version History:
Version 1.0
Initial release
Version 1.1
Improvements to the built-in scripts
Keymacro can be freely used to create new ASCII art scripts. The software tool is licensed under GNU GPL license.
Version History:
Version 1.0
Initial release
Version 1.1
Improvements to the built-in scripts

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Keymacro is a keyboard macro utility that will let you define a set of complex keyboard commands.
The goal of the tool is to save your keystrokes when performing repetitive tasks, such as inserting new text. You can also define several sets of commands to achieve a faster workflow.
The first step to use the tool is to activate it on the main interface. From there, you have to define the keyboard commands and the sequence in which they are displayed. Once the setup is done, you can also configure the keyboard to define multiple commands at the same time.
Since the utility is fully accessible, all users can benefit from the settings. The app also has a troubleshooting section where you can find useful information if you need help.
Configuring Keymacro is a relatively simple task, though the keyboard layout can be a little tricky.
As for the shortcut keys, they can be accessed by pressing “T” in the tool’s interface.
KEYMACRO Features:
The tool allows you to define two different keyboard layouts:
Manual: The tool provides a visual configuration mode, where you can quickly enter the commands and test them by pressing F1. The commands can be modified or added.
Custom: In this mode, you can enter commands through a simple text entry box, one at a time.
You can assign a hotkey to each command, which means you can combine multiple commands into a single shortcut.
One of the most appreciated features of Keymacro is the ability to save time.
You can assign a keystroke to a set of commands to be executed automatically. You can also trigger these commands through hotkeys, so you can have multiple applications simultaneously open without actually going through the standard Windows menus.
The most useful command is CTRL+ALT+C, which displays a context-sensitive menu for your favorite software.
There are many keyboard modifiers that you can set to define commands, such as CTRL, ALT, META, SHIFT and WIN.
If you want to create a keyboard command using a hotkey, you should be familiar with the available key codes.
Keymacro is a nice utility that will save you time when you are performing repetitive tasks. It’s not a keystroke remapping utility, but it has a similar feature that will save your keystrokes.
Keymacro will let you define two different keyboard layouts:
Custom: You can define commands through a simple text entry box, one at a