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Note: 1.2 is an update to Transformers 2: The Movie from 1.1. Save your game between 1.1 and 1.2; all previous saves are compatible.

This is an Early Access game. This means that there will be updates throughout development. These updates will include bug fixes, updates to features, and anything else that makes the game better. However, these updates are likely to be based on feedback from the player base and the development team. If you encounter any issues with the game, please let us know through the comments or the official Facebook page.

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You control the game with the following controls.

Arrow Keys and WASD Move the camera

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You must use Alt+Space to access the pause menu.

Certain functions of the pause menu will be locked until you reach level 10 and are no longer on a server.


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Train Simulator: Granger Heartland: Kansas City € Topeka Route Add-On Features Key:

  • New Kansas City and Topeka Track
  • New Amtrak trains


Train Simulator: Granger Heartland: Kansas City € Topeka Route Add-On Incl Product Key [Latest-2022]

The Add-On includes the initial 41 3×3 route segments for the Topeka to Kansas City route including
the big city gateway of Kansas City with three states.
Other than the Kansas City gateway you will also find another 16 different station and junction
intersections to drive through.

Todays a little addition for you guys to show you the trains you can add to your route.
Today we have added a total of 49 routes.
This is just the beginning, we will add more in the coming weeks.

You will find routes for a variety of units including single unit, catenary free and experimental unit.

Please rate the routes below when you finish it and tell us what you think.

If you found some issue with the routes please let us know via our Contact us form in the discription.

2016-02-28- Version 2.0.1

1. Performance in Screen will be improved.

2. Update German language.

3. Minor fixes.

Version 2.0.0

1. New Routes added.
2. Updated routes.
3. More Updates coming next week.



– Fixed a bug in the Routes Editor.


– Optimized Routes Editor.


– Added more Routes into the Routes Editor.


– Added documentation and Route Information in the Routes Editor.


– Added more Routes into the Routes Editor.


– Fixed Problem with Guild of Saint Tuck’s Scenario.


– Moved Routes Editor to Adjustments Panel.


– Added Routes for the 2016 Model.

2016-02-21- Version 1.3.3

1. Added Routes for the 2016 Model.
2. Optimized Routes Editor.
3. Optimized Stop Signs in Routes Editor.
4. Fixed a small bug.
5. Optimized the Tracks in Routes Editor.
6. Added Routes for the 1916 Iron Horse model.
7. Stations and Junctions will now be included in the Tutorial.
8. Fixed the Route Editor in the Tavern Editor.
9. Fixed some Bugs.
10. The tutorial will now allow you to select a unit.
11. The Tavern Editor will now force you


Train Simulator: Granger Heartland: Kansas City € Topeka Route Add-On Free [Win/Mac]

Driving in the Kansas Territory is a unique experience in the Train Simulator World. As Kansas City was the first major city in the heartland, it also served as the head of the wide-open Kan-Sas Land. During the day, the two were separated by inhospitable terrain, but at night, the Kansas Territory serenely lit up the sky. This add-on includes three new routes, including a new solo Kansas Territory route. Take the 110 mile route through Granger and stop in Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, Salina, and on to the Des Moines for a rewarding experience.

Engine / Train Features:

This new add-on includes two new locomotives and 68 cars in this DLC for Train Simulator: Sim (Steam) 2019. The new locomotives are the NS 2500 and 2525B is classed as 2-8-0 and belongs to the later of the 2-8-0 Bo-Bo classes. The 2525B comes with more robust and efficient steam heating and also has an additional turntable for use. The NS2500 was built in, 1989 in Monett, Missouri and is shown below with the 2525B.

With the 2525B, you have the opportunity to drive the electric locos for your simulator. The trailers and wagons are determined by the player via an in-game dialog. The trailer has a load indicator.

Highlighting the trailer and any of the wagons is made possible by a new option in the Drive Mode menu: enable the trailer or wagons as individual objects. Other than using the Draw Tree / Mark on Ground (GOTO) function, the only object that stays on the ground is the trailer.

The 2525B could haul up to 320 ton in normal mode. The maximum weight has been increased to 410 ton. Freight cars is not allocated for the 2525B.

An added benefit is that the 2525B is an “overhead” locomotive: it has a deck above its frame, which makes it great for busy lines, with a maximum speed of around 42 mph.

Additional Resources:

There are two new Greyhound routes. Both of these routes are added to the Steam version of “Sim (Steam)” 2019.

Kansas City to Topeka Route:

The Kansas City to Topeka route takes you over Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska as you head northward to Topeka. The route starts in the east


What’s new in Train Simulator: Granger Heartland: Kansas City € Topeka Route Add-On:

    This is a highly requested add-on. It covers the Blue and Tan Line between Topeka and Kansas City/Missouri coming from Granger field. It covers the light colored area on the Kansas City/Missouri / Grayson map.

    This is not ready for Windows 10, but there is an intermediate working version for Windows 8 and 7. If you have Windows 10, take a look at the readme.

    I did try to group the points to make the file smaller so there are small gaps between stations. The file is over 1.2GB.

    We are a small group of companies who worked together to provide you with this add-on. Please know that it is all done by volunteers.

    First aid:

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    Free Train Simulator: Granger Heartland: Kansas City € Topeka Route Add-On Crack + (2022)


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