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Name Tiger Tank 59 Ⅰ Battleship MP007
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* Watch the intro movie, then step right in.
* Use Touch or Mouse click to control your fleet.
* During the game, you can use weapon to kill enemies in sight.
* You will be awarded with Silver and Gold medals.
* There is no time limitation. If you want to keep playing more game, click the game icon to play other players who play the game in the same time.
*The game records your previous game result.
*Payment is final. If you did not like the game, please do not pay and you will not get refund.
This game has a lot of weapons and ships, even you may fall to bleed for that.
Please pay attention to the enemies that fly around or hide at the bottom of the screen. It is almost unavoidable.

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watch the video (very helpful for novices)

Game Introduction

Beat ‘em up meets a hidden object adventure!

Hello, I’m Leo and this is how we all end up: After having completed years of hard work on our education and after having spent all the money that we had earned on our time and our studies, we finally arrived at the final project, a shining moment when we are satisfied and truly proud of the work we have produced.

However, no sooner than we have finished the project, we’re faced with some reality check: financial crisis, financial debt, demands on the side (the wife, the mortgage, etc.) and a massive amount of work on the part of the clients.

In such a scenario, the chances of us taking on another job are extremely low. The game, on the other hand, opens up our doors and lets us meet new challenges and offers an opportunity to work together on a challenging, yet quite fun project.


We’re currently in the middle of production, and as you will see for yourself, we have an unfinished project. We are working on it diligently and are ready to present you with an exciting gameplay experience. However, it’s important to state that in this project, you will not meet Leo, our protagonist. The story will be played through the eyes of Leo’s assistant, Lin, who as a journalist, is a long-standing friend of Leo. It is her name, her voice and her connection to the story


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System Requirements For Tiger Tank 59 … Battleship MP007:

Windows 7, 8, and 10
Mac OS X 10.6 and later (10.7 and later recommended)
Xbox One (windows 8.1 or later)
Steam (Windows 8.1 or later)
Audio input required for Xbox One and Windows 8.1
HDMI cable (optional, not included in the download)
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