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Keyboard macro for Mac OS X. A simple utility that adds a keyboard macro to the Mac OS X menu bar or Dock.
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MacWindows is a dual-mode file transfer application for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It’s easy to use and is a good choice for files up to a few GB in size. MacWindows supports the following protocols:






MacWindows can be used as a client or a server and supports uploads and downloads in any direction. The main window shows the contents of the currently active folder, but you can open a file explorer window to see the contents of a different directory. A toolbar allows you to configure your settings, check the server status, and add and delete folders from the server. You can also specify an FTP or WebDAV server for your downloads.

When the application is not in use, it shows the settings for your file transfer protocol and lets you specify your preferred server and folder. This is a great way to transfer large files without the hassle of constantly opening and closing the window.

MacWindows supports both TCP/IP and SSL transfers for increased security. The TCP/IP transfer is used by default if there’s no server defined. It’s also possible to configure the application to use your chosen server.

MacWindows supports command line options and will happily transmit files up to a maximum size of 10 GB. There’s a progress indicator for each operation and any error will be written to the command line. The application will automatically retry an error if it comes up again.

MacWindows supports a comprehensive list of server commands, including options for encryption and how data is transferred. MacWindows will alert you when a file doesn’t transfer completely, and you can pause the transfer. MacWindows can also use SMB, FTP, or WebDAV as protocol when performing uploads and downloads.

MacWindows doesn’t require any additional software to be installed. It’s also possible to use your own servers and folders with MacWindows.

There are no updates available for MacWindows.

MacWindows Features:

Simultaneous transfer of multiple files

Simultaneous upload/download of multiple files

Delete all files on the server

Delete 384a16bd22

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Reset MAC address to random MAC address for troubleshooting
Reset MAC address to random MAC address for troubleshooting.
Macros are a vital tool for many network and computer professionals and analysts, such as administrators, computer repair technicians and techs. Macros enable you to automate often-repeated tasks. The set of macros in this category works with all versions of Microsoft Office.
KeyMacro includes the following actions:
-Reset to default the specific MAC address
-Clear all macros associated with the given address
-Create an empty macro containing the given address
-Export as CSV
-Close application without saving the current document
-Close all macros
-Reset to default the specific MAC address
KeyMacro automatically generates a new, random MAC address. A default value can be specified to set the MAC address to the defined value. If the MAC address is not reset, it remains the same. Macros are stored in a list, and a value can be retrieved from this list.
To perform the following actions, open a new document and select the Macros tab.
Then choose Macro Assistant from the Show Commands drop-down menu and you will see a list of the macros stored on your computer.
Next, choose an action from the Actions drop-down menu and select Reset MAC Address.
Alternatively, you can use the Reset Macro button to achieve the same result.
To start the macro, select the Start Macro option.
Note that the new MAC address is selected in the Address input box, and you can continue to modify the value in this box.
If you want to reset all the MAC addresses, just select the Clear All Macros option.
To close the application without saving any changes, you can select the Empty Macros option.
Close all macros
KeyMacro closes all macros that are associated with the current MAC address, and stores them in the list for retrieval.
To perform the following actions, open a new document and select the Macros tab.
Then choose Clear All Macros from the Show Commands drop-down menu.
KeyMacro retrieves the MAC addresses from the list and removes all macros that are associated with the current MAC address.
Create empty macro
KeyMacro creates a new macro that contains the current MAC address.
Note that a new empty macro is added to the list with the new address.
You can also use the Clear Macro button to achieve the same result.