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This invention relates to a photometric system for measuring the density or the concentration of a specific component in a liquid, and more specifically to a photometric system for measuring the concentration of a specific component in liquid paint or liquid chemical by selectively projecting light of the specific wavelength on the surface of the liquid paint or liquid chemical and measuring the light passing through or reflected from the surface of the liquid paint or liquid chemical using an area sensor.
2. Description of Related Art
At the present stage of development in the field of liquid paint and liquid chemical, a batch or continuous toner balance quantity is used and a balance quantity of the gas for the toner is controlled in accordance with the weight of the liquid toner.
The measurement of the balance quantity of the toner is useful in controlling the concentration of the toner and thus the quality of the liquid paint or liquid chemical.
In conventional systems, however, the measurement of the balance quantity of the toner is achieved by a sensing system which is associated with a large scale liquid toner tank and a high accuracy weight. The system however is complex and is not applicable to liquid paint or liquid chemical of a small quantity.
Furthermore, the high accuracy weight is not readily available, and the weight is difficult to be accurately measured and often results in the requirement of a large scale sensing mechanism, which results in high initial cost and is inconvenient for the inventory control system.# ——————————————————————————


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