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A simple and intuitive software for capturing keystrokes.
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Whenever a new update on Windows comes around, Microsoft Security Alerts starts popping up, alerting you of the potential vulnerabilities present on your computer. While these alerts are an important reminder of the importance of patching and updating, you can also use them as a guide to determine what security patches you actually need.
Now, all the information is available for download online, and you can even use the Windows patch scanner to quickly scan for security updates and patches that you need to apply. However, getting the information online isn’t always the most convenient. If you want, for example, to know what new updates your computer needs to apply right now, then you need to use the Windows Security Scanner, the tool that provides you with information on security patches that need to be applied on your computer.
This application is part of Windows Defender, and you can get it right from the dashboard. Once it’s installed and activated, you can access it through the Windows Update window. When you’re presented with a list of all available updates, you can click on the “View all updates” link and start the scanning process.
The “Apply Windows updates” section is where you’ll find the security updates that you need to apply on your computer, complete with a description of what the fix is for. The list has columns that include: (1) date and time of application, (2) change number, (3) description, (4) size of the fix, (5) nature of the threat, (6) risk, (7) severity, and (8) recommendation.
If you’d like to keep track of the updates you’ve already applied and check if you’ve missed anything, you can easily keep track of the changes by clicking on the “View updates” link. If you’ve applied all updates, the list will only display the “next time update is available”.
What’s better about the Windows Security Scanner than any other application of its kind is that it provides you with a list of updates that are still pending, meaning you’re missing an important security update. This application also doesn’t allow you to uninstall updates that have already been applied, so you need to figure out what you’ve missed through the security scanner.
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KeyMacro enables you to view all the keys stored in the specified keyboard layout file. When loading a new keyboard layout, you will be asked to enter a password. By default, the administrator can enter a password. If the password is correct, the keyboard layout will be loaded.
You can obtain the text from a selected key, the text from a selected key and the text from all the keys of the keyboard layout. The app can be used to view files encoded with one or more encryption/decryption algorithms (e.g. AES, SSE, DES, Twofish, Blowfish).
The keyboard layout file can be encoded with Base64 format or plain text format. It is possible to view the files in both formats. The encryption/decryption algorithm (AES) can be selected by the user. The decryption key can also be selected.
You can also select the selected file to be decrypted by default. The default decryption key can also be specified by the user.
The app also enables you to select the type of encryption/decryption and the selected file to be decrypted by default.
The selected file can be decrypted and the decrypted file can be displayed with the original file on the user’s disk. The application also enables you to add, edit and remove the decryption key.
KEYMACRO can be used to view the files encrypted by TSecurity. The data can be selected by any of the following options:
1. IP address and port number
2. File name and file extension
3. Binary key
4. Password
KEYMACRO can be used to view the files encrypted by PFX (PKCS #12) by using X.509 as the encryption/decryption algorithm. The data can be selected by any of the following options:
1. IP address and port number
2. File name and file extension
3. PFX password
4. PFX password (with or without empty password)
5. Key alias and key name
6. Algorithm
7. Public key
The decryption/encryption algorithm (AES) can be selected by the user.
KEYMACRO can also be used to view the files encrypted by PKCS #5 (old-style PEM-format password-based encryption format). The data can be selected by any of the following options:
1. IP address and port number
2. File name and file extension
3. PEM password