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Instant File Find Free is a lightweight file management application designed specifically for helping you search for files on your computer.
User-friendly layout
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to define the search process using just a few clicks, without being overwhelmed with tons of configuration settings.
Automatic mode for creating the cache
When you run the program for the first time, it automatically starts building the cache. This task usually takes only 1-5 minutes but this pretty much depends on the file collection that you have in your system.
The tool eats up CPU and memory only when building the cache; otherwise it is quite friendly with system resources. The search cache is automatically updated after its creation, and you may save the cache file to your system so you can upload it in the future.
Search capabilities
Instant File Find Free offers you the possibility to look for several preset types of files, namely songs, videos, documents, or pictures. In addition, you are allowed to filter the results by name, location, size, type, and modification date.
The tool keeps a list with all your recent searches and lets you change the font used for displaying the search results and refresh the list with results.
Last but not least, you can change the looks of the utility with the aid of skins, clean the search history, run the tool at Windows startup, automatically monitor and update file changes, and check the cache integrity when the program is launched.
An overall efficient search tool
All in all, Instant File Find Free mixes up a user-friendly interface with several handy tools for helping you search for files, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.
In case you are looking for advanced features, such as support for Explorer action, network drive, removable disk, search by location, size and date, toolbar customization, drag-and-drop actions, exporting options for the results, file path copying mode, and deletion, you can have a look at Instant File Find Pro.
Key Features:
– Automatic caching
– Search by file type
– Very fast and responsive
– Advanced and efficient search
– Include images
– Cache updates
– Automatic updates
– Customizable interface
– Selectable list of recent searches
– History search
– Automatic monitoring of file changes
– Support for Explorer actions
– Directories and their contents in the file path
– Plugin system
– OS-independent
– Various skins
– File location copying
– Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac 384a16bd22

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* Copy words from the clipboard to the current line.
* Make the cursor appear in the position of the last insertion.
* Invert the selection.
* Delete words starting at the cursor.
* Copy words and lines from a file to the current line.
* Insert a line break (line separator).
* Change line case to small, capital or uppercase letters.
* Insert or remove spaces.
* Copy words from the clipboard and put it into a block.
* Change font style and color to black, white, bold or underlined.
* Change font style and color to black, white, bold or underlined.
* Duplicate the selected block.
* Replace the selected lines with the clipboard content.
* Open a file with any program (GNU xterm).
* Insert files, file paths, directories, special symbols, the buffer container, the current date and time or a special symbol.
* Enter a space between words or numbers.
* Join words with an inserted line or space.
* Insert the current date and time in the current line.
* Print the current line to the printer.
* Open a file in the current line (GNU xterm).
* Record a macro for your work.
* Replace the selected text with the clipboard content.
* Save the current block to a file.
* Write the current line to the current file.
* Duplicate the selected block.
* View the text from the clipboard.
* Convert the selected text to all uppercase or all lowercase.
* Extract the numbers and the words starting from the cursor to a block.
* Insert an ellipsis at the end of the selected line.
* Insert words from a file and their line numbers.
* Delete the selected line.
* Insert or replace the selected lines with the clipboard content.
* Copy the selected lines to the clipboard.
* Select the lines.
* Select the text at the cursor.
* Select the text at the cursor and delete it.
* Select the lines.
* Select the text at the cursor.
* Select the text at the cursor and delete it.
* Select the lines.
* Select the text at the cursor and delete it.
* Select the lines.
* Select the text at the cursor.
* Select the text at the cursor and delete it.
* Select the lines.
* Select the text