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Tailor Software offers an elegant and professional solution for tailoring businesses, as it provides you with all the tools and features to enable you to manage your business in the most efficient and effective manner.
Its ‘Main Menu’ is organized in various sub-menus, each with its own purpose. ‘File’, ‘Invoice’, ‘Code Assignment’, ‘Shifting’, ‘Searching’, ‘Delivery’ or ‘Reports’ are all they contain.
As for the ‘File’ menu, you can use it to generate a new ‘Invoice Form’ for your customers, set up a reminder for your orders and check on their status. ‘Reports’ is where you can create and manage your customer lists, or analyze the total number of ‘Invoice Forms’ generated so far.
On the ‘Invoice’ sub-menu, you can use the ‘Invoice Form’ to input all the required client and order information, so that the right bill will be generated for your customer and sent to them.
In the ‘Code Assignment’ section, you can open and work with the ‘Invoice Form’ to create a unique reference for each client, and input all their personal and measurement details. ‘Client Code Searching’ can also assist you in finding a specific client in order to use or update their information.
Tailor Software Features:
(1) The ‘File’ sub-menu provides you with all the functions and options to manage your business in the most effective manner.
(2) The ‘Invoice’ sub-menu allows you to set up a reminder for your orders, see the status of your current orders and generate the invoice for your customer.
(3) The ‘Code Assignment’ sub-menu contains a range of possible queries you can make on your database, concerning ‘Customer Info’, ‘Design’, ‘Address’, ‘Sales Return Report’, ‘Urgent Report’ and countless others.
(4) The ‘Shifting’ sub-menu allows you to switch from ‘Shop to Factory’, depending on which ares of your company you need to work with.
(5) Reports are all it contains.
Tailor Software Free Download:

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The application TerraER is a tool designed for creating a database model. The database structure can be altered to make it your own, whatever the case may be, the model can be saved or printed. The tool allows you to create diagrams of entities and relations, in order to study the connections that link them. You can customize the form of the entities, attributes and connections, relocate them, disjunct them, link multiple attributes, or change their cardinality. The tool is simple to use, allowing you to hide or unhide the background grid, in order to help you place and align elements on the board.
TerraER is an easy to use tool which allows you to create data models in a graphic environment. You can control the number and location of the entities, the relations or intermediate elements, by manually placing them in the required form. the projects can be saved or printed. Startup education for database management TerraER is a WYSIWYG type of application that is designed to help users learn and practice the basics of database structured or management. The tool allows you to create diagrams of entities and relations, in order to study the connections that link them. The elements are customizable, allowing you to rename, resize and easily relocate them.
The column on the left displays a tree structure of all the elements you add to the ER model: entities, attributes and connections. The building tools include entities and weak entities, relationships, entity relationships, roles, key / derived / multi-value attributes, connection cardinality and adjacent functions. You may add disjunctions, overlapping elements, generalizations and optional / required connections. Drawing tools at close hand You may easily align several selected items, duplicate any element, cut, copy or remove them, by selecting the desired option from the context menu. The project can be saved, in a specific format, for later modifications, can be exported as an XML file or quickly printed. Simple to use data model builder TerraER is easy to use, allows you to model the structures, according to your requirements, then save the projects. The tool is built in Java language, which is why it does not require installation, however, it needs the Java runtime environment to properly run. While it is reliable and flexible, it only allows you to export the models as XML files.
• Displays all connections between all entities and attributes.
• Allows you to disjunct, overlapping elements and add links.
• Allows you to delete entities or relationships or attributes.