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Moonchild is a game where a group of travelers are reincarnated into the darkest depths of hell. Alone and frightened, they must work together to escape this twisted world and return to Earth.
Key Features:
– 40 different challenging routes full of tricky puzzles, monsters and traps.
– Enjoy countless hours of dungeon crawling, auto-saving/loading, using the
fractal rainbow scroll, branching secrets, and more.
– Discover the story of a group of strange travelers.
– Grow in power as you uncover more of the world’s secrets.
– Play on Hard or Normal mode.
– Learn lots of new skills and abilities to survive harder dungeons.
– Unlock hidden areas and meet new friends.
– Bring your animal companions along for the ride.
– Explore 8 different wild regions and 20 monstrous dungeons and caverns.
– Enjoy a rich, colorful and detailed 2D cel-shaded hand-drawn world.
– Discover over 10 hours of charming musical score.
– Become a part of the biggest and most immersive RPG ever!
About Moonchild:
Moonchild is the sequel to Moonchild Rebirth.
It is bigger and better than the previous game in every way.
We have added in many new features to this much requested sequel.
Revamped graphics
More and better paths
More and better puzzles
New music and game engine
And many many more improvements and bug fixes.
Moonchild Rebirth is a multi-award winning platform RPG game about the birth, death and rebirth of a group of strange travelers.
You are the reincarnation of a group of strangers who are sent to the underworld to help them escape it.
With the assistance of a curious cat, a very “drunken” donkey, and a bird looking for a place to rest, you must navigate through hell, fight monsters, solve puzzles, and unlock the mysteries of the underworld.
All of these areas are unique, with secrets, tricks and traps and a ton of customisable items.
You are free to create your own adventure, and free to adapt the levels to your own tastes and style.
Note: Please be aware that Moonchild Rebirth has a scene of suicide and can therefore be considered adult in nature.
Why does Moonchild Rebirth come with a disclaimer, and why is Moonchild the second game in the series?
Originally we had Moonchild Rebirth, and in it, we found that the main character and all the players had to die


Features Key:

  • Classic Rookies Mode: play a Rookies mode where you have 8 rolls to determine which of the nine faction cards of Carmageddon
  • Kickstarter Version: Play the game key half the way through and win the full game. A video of the game will be available on
  • General Audience: play this version of the game and you get full twelve decks of cards, complete with car, trucks and city set.
  • Raptor Mode: Play a game against the computer; with a 4-4 or less hand, the computer counts coup, checks and counts for each other action and depending on your win/lose, it makes a judgement on your hand, whether you played too aggressively, or too defensively. All the cards are shown on the screen giving a real-time understanding of the odds against you.
  • Classic Mode: Play a two out of three game, if you win three hand are tied, hand are flipped until one of you hits 3 or more. No tricks are allowed, and the cards are fully visible at all times. Winning second by taking the lead is required to win the game. The game currently has random trump selection with guessing it to reduce the downside if you go over.
  • Quickstrats: Play the game in four ‘battles’ with 1 vs 3, then 2 vs 2 and finally free for all play for up to 3 players.


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Join The Party:

Rook is a game for anyone who wants to explore a unique vision of the future based on the values of freedom, cooperation, knowledge and joy.

A First Look:

GRK is a puzzle game with no gameplay spoilers.


A Unique Perspective on the Future

Unique 3D Puzzle Design

Deep Mechanic of Combination

A wide range of Rooks

Engaging Story

Packed with Ambience

10 Caves

12 Masks

3 Different Realms

Unique Art Style

Several Hours of Gameplay

So, what do you think? Let us know!

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A legacy of endless dead ends and a quest for direction, dance of death: Du Lac & Fey offers 3 open-world Rooks for players to roam around Whitechapel exploring and completing objectives. You play as one of 3 characters each with their own skills, starting Rook and completing various objectives to earn gear and unlock new Rooks for other characters. The game starts with Sir Lancelot in his purest form, his Rook powers are your best source of health and defense. As you explore the game worlds different Rooks become available for you to unlock, including characters with legendary Rook abilities like Mr. Ace and Lady Macbeth. Each Rook offers unique abilities and weapon loadouts to play with, and all have unique strengths and weaknesses, meaning no two Rooks are the same. Characters can be switched at any time in the middle of gameplay, but changing characters mid-mission will consume current Rook gear. Your Rook also has their own special Destiny Card to unlock and collect that serves as currency to unlock new Rooks.Tracks of the Ripper:
The game begins in the autumn of 1894 and a murder known as Jack The Ripper is the central story point. Whitechapel residents are plagued by terrible crimes and rumours, which are all beginning to gather pace. As the streets are ravaged by a parade of insane, desperate and bizarre crimes, its up to you to find the source and halt it. Who is behind these crimes? Who is Jack The Ripper? Detective Inspector Abberline and Doctor Lestrade have their work cut out to find answers, and you too, can get involved. In the fourth chapter of the game you are handed the reins of one of the Rippers characters, Sir Lancelot Du Lac, a man who has sacrificed much for his country, who falls victim to the riddles of a mysterious woman and the dark forces that seek to destroy her. Can you unlock what they are trying to hide?
Bats Versus Jack:
You find yourself teamed up with Sir Lancelot, as he fights back against a host of supernatural beings trying to stop him from finding the truth about the Ripper murders. The Ripper murders are real, they were committed, and the cycle of chaos continues. The supernatural creatures that wish to see Whitechapel burn, and Sir Lancelot Du Lac fall, don’t stand a chance, especially when you have a Werewolf in your midst.
Designer: Jonathan Bartley
Publisher: Rockstar


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