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Download 🔗 https://urluso.com/2mvrv4






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The automated solution to provide higher quality resources for your apps.
The most important thing about this application is that all its work are automated. There is no need of you to create a database manually. It does all the work and present to you in various useful ways.
It allows you to quickly generate multiple resolutions from one baseline graphic.This means it will generate at most 30 resolutions.
It provides easy to understand and intuitive user experience.
It will provide all the images in JPG, PNG, GIF formats.
It can generate all the images in automatic, manual or manual + time.
Output resolution are more than enough for most users.
It provides all the resources(images) with original size and without reducing the quality.
It is completely compatible with Ant build tools.
Below is the screen shots of Application.
On Laptop screen:

On Desktop Screen:

The application is free to use and having the following icons

UDPate : 17-05-2017

The Application version 1.9.18
is released with the following features

It displays all the versions without manually entering for any resource, event attributes or configurable options.
It displays all the generated versions in a simple and effective way.
It stores all the versions of a single resource in a single folder.
It supports all of the Ant build tools such as ant, maven, gradle, fastbuild and stills.
It generates with both manual and manual + time.
It does not require manual edit of the code or database.
You can generate resources using any mouse or laptop.
The application generates all the versions without reducing the quality.
It allows you to edit any value in an attribute such as width/height, x/y, alpha, opacity, css and hex.
The application is very simple to use.

You need to have any simple text editor to edit the source code such as sublime or notepad.
It allows you to batch edit, add or remove all the resource in one go.

How To Install:

Open this website in your browser and download the necessary plugins

Open the zip file and extract the required jar files or copy all the files to your android application folder in your computer

How To Use This App

First select the resource or image and press edit

The attributes available are as follows

Start date
End date
Generate With time
Edit Time

ResoluteIt Crack+ PC/Windows (Latest)

If you have ever run into any of these problems:

No photoshop short cuts on your computer?
Textures too large to download?
Can’t find a proper photoshop file for your icon?
Find it hard to create the same graphic for different resolution?
Are you tired of doing the same graphic for different resolutions manually?

Get ResoluteIt to assist you and save so much time by generating all the resolutions you need from one baseline graphic in less than one minute!
All you need to do is to provide your baseline graphic from Illustrator or Photoshop and your graphics will be automatically generated for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone in xml drawable folder for later use.

Generates all different resolutions of the same icon/button/text from one baseline

PNG and JPG image formats are supported.

Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry are supported.

Whether to replace original vector graphics, or keep original vector graphics

If you want to replace the original vector graphics and keep the original vector graphics, you can simply choose “Replace the original” in the “Action” tab

Batch file support is also available in “Tools/Batch mode”

Advanced level to save you time

Supports more than 400 graphics

Compatible with most graphic programs

Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily manipulated.
Every design needs to be positioned so that it can be easily

ResoluteIt Crack Activation Key

ResoluteIt allows you to automatically generate the Android or iPhone for different devices with one baseline graphics in less than a minute.

Save time in creating vector graphics for multiple resolutions and platforms
Support nexus(6), galaxy S(4), Samsung(3) and iPad(2).
A powerful and user-friendly UI
User friendly interface, it is easy to use

It generated each resolutions with one baseline file(png, jpg, svg).

Please enjoy! 🙂


If you want I can provide you a code that generate only devices resolution for you using ready-made vectors.
Just send to me and I will provide you with a free code.


You can make it in Photoshop. Add the canvas to your Photoshop and make it 4 times your size. Then make an illustration using just the middle canvas as a basis. Then duplicate the canvas 4 times and resize it accordingly.
You will get 16 resolution images.

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What’s New In?

1.Download and install
2.Drag the baseline graphics from the canvas and
3.Press the button to generate resolutions.
4.Anytime you change the graphic source, the application will ask you if you want to
regenerate the resolutions.
5.You can easily rename your project and generate new resolutions for each

Here’s how to install the ResoluteIt:
1.Download and extract the archive in your Android SDK folder.
2.Enable Developer Options by selecting “About Phone” and selecting
“Build Number”.
3.Go back to the main menu, select “Developer options” and enable “unknown sources”.
4.Go back to the main menu again and select “Install from Zip File”.
5.Select the path to the zip file that you extracted.
6.On the popup window choose a place in your SD card.
7.Press “Install” and wait until the installation is finished.
8.You may receive a warning that the app is not from Google Play. Ignore it.
9.Open ResoluteIt from the applications menu and you will be done.

Thank you
From the creators of ResoluteIt

P.S : This is a beta version, but it is working fine.


I did not find a working solution, but I created a new project with the following parameters:

I changed the target to Android 4.0
Then I set the “Screen and drawable resolution” to 1920×1080

I then had to set the “dex” to x86
I had some trouble uploading the app on the store, but once accepted by Google Play the app started working fine.


How to access value of select option in angular JS

In following snippet I am trying to get the value of option selected by angularJS, although I can not able to set selected to that option.
Following is the HTML snippet.


System Requirements:

* Supported Windows OS: Windows 8.1 (64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit), Windows 7 (64bit)
* Supported Windows Aero/Compiz: (NA), (NA)
* Supported Windows Classic/No Aero/Compiz: (NA)
* Supported Windows Classic/1GB Ram: (NA), (