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Resette’s Prescription is a freeware adventure game created by Studio Onyah. The game is available for free via Microsoft Windows.


You must save the owner’s daughter!

The bully is responsible for her kidnapping. The girl isn’t a doll, but an intelligent, friendly girl.

Wear her clothes and make her smile!

She’s a bit shy, so get close to her by wearing her clothes and talking with her.

Succesfully complete the trials to save the girl!

There are 5 parts of the story. Each time, a new scenario will be added, and a new trial will be added.

Cool high school girl+game +-=

The girl that you save is a cool high school girl.

So, do you want to be the girl’s “guardian” and save her?

This game is based on COMIC-strip anime, and illustrated by the famous art design studio, Studio Onyah.

The chibi world of Resette

The game’s world is based on the chibi world of the most popular chibi-anime “Resette” by Studio Onyah.

The setting of the game is a high school setting. For some reason, a party of bullies has kidnapped the cute and friendly high school girl!

You decide what you should do, and how you should behave, by wearing her clothes and talking with her.

Her real name is Kimiko Munehisa, and she loves all cute things.

The reason you can’t move is because her boss drugged her, and made her fall into a dream.

You can only talk to her by wearing clothes.

So, you can’t escape from her!

You have to play with her clothes and talk with her.

So, you have to play with her clothes and talk with her.

You can talk and play with her using your memories in the game.

So, play with her clothes!

Or, the other way around, since she’s shy, you can play with her clothes, talk with her, and be her friend!

The lines in the game are spoken in Japanese, and sometimes the characters will say things in other languages.

If you’re unsure of what they mean, we have explained each sentence in the game.


Resette’s Prescription ~Book Of Memory, Swaying Scale~ Features Key:

  • Any resolution supported by a magnificent game
  • Zephyr gameplay
  • Unlimited jumps
  • Upper-left and right stages
  • Obsidian beats with rocks and spikes


Resette’s Prescription ~Book Of Memory, Swaying Scale~ Crack + With Key [Latest-2022]

“Resette’s Prescription” is a 2D point-and-click adventure in which you guide Resette, a girl who can enter peoples’ hearts, through the story by clicking onscreen, obtaining items, solving puzzles, and activating gadgets.
Together with Resette and her partner, Gaede, venture into the mind of the boy Achille, who has come down with a mysterious “sleeping sickness”, and set him free!The game starts when Resette is sent to the home of at age 4, Achille. He has fallen into a deep state of trance, and she needs to use her ability to switch the boy’s mind in order to save him.But when an accident occurs between Resette and Gaede, and Gaede disappears, the two girls go on a journey together to find him.
– Designed to feel like a picture book, Resette’s world is lovingly crafted from hand-drawn watercolor images!
– Characters show a wide range of emotion through not just their speech, but also their body language. The combination of the lively chibi characters and the watercolor backgrounds makes one feel as if they are venturing into the world of a picture book.  
– A wide variety of challenging puzzles to work your way through!
– Beautifully composed opening and ending sequences! The opening is even fully animated!

When Oda Yonezawa started working on the Akiba no Jin no Miagete novel in 1989, the author of “Sengoku Basara” and “Devil May Cry” would just come to the publication of Akiba no Jin no Miagete and go home. For that reason, Oda Yonezawa never wrote a sequel for Akiba no Jin no Miagete. If he did, then there would be a story where all these side characters from the novel appeared. In hindsight, Akiba no Jin no Miagete is more like a fanmade character story than a novel.

This is not a fan-made character story, however. It is a story about how Oda Yonezawa became the serial novelist Oda Eiichirou, and how he made a different style of writing. Here are the six topics that I’d like to talk about in the forum.


1. Koike Kiyoko “I’m a writer who doesn’t write”

On the


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