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To get the most out of your PC you need to manage its power with the simple and powerful Power Manager.
This program comes with various functions, including the ability to monitor and save the remaining battery power while providing a list of your essential applications.
It can also keep track of your CPU and HDD usage, displaying graphs and statistics of your resource usage. In addition, it can also display your current network connection by monitoring its data transfers, transfer time, speed and more.
The program also allows you to quickly manage your disk space, and can perform many tasks, including protecting your computer from spyware and viruses, freeing unused disk space, easily installing and uninstalling various software programs and more.

Crimson Trace Lasergrip CT-1002L – CT1002L – Lasergrips

€ 17,49


Aims to help you master your equipment

The Crimson Trace Lasergrip CT-1002L – CT1002L – Lasergrips is a product developed to help you master your equipment.

It has been specifically designed to integrate perfectly with the device from which you are holding it. It allows you to use your eyes to make selections. It has 6 switches that are located on the frame of the grip, which allows you to modify your grip. This is the only way to be sure that you are shooting safely with your device.

With the Lasergrips you can fire in the dark and then confirm your shot, this way you will have a maximum level of safety.

The aim of the Lasergrips is to help you master your equipment, it provides you with the necessary safety and reliability.

The Lasergrips provide a comfortable grip, thanks to the deep design that will meet your expectations.

The Lasergrips have an increased battery life, they provide 6 hours of uninterrupted shooting.

You can use them for pistols, semi-automatic rifles, revolvers and more.

You can rest assured when using the Lasergrips, because they have been designed with laser detectors.

The Lasergrips work with Crimson Trace Gen 2 Lenses.

The Lasergrips are compact and easy to store.

The Lasergrips are available in black, blue and green, eea19f52d2


Call Recorder is a call recorder for Skype, but this is not the only application that uses a call recorder. A call recorder is a powerful recording software for Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Talk, Viber, etc. It has three recording functions: an echo cancellation tool, a voice changer tool, and a call screen tool.
PolderbitS Call Recorder Features:
· supports video calls
· supports audio calls
· record calls and record both sides
· play calls and play both sides
· record as MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, and WAV files
· real-time recording
· password protection
· history (a history of recordings, so you do not need to re-record the same call again)
· output file to either an SD card or the hard drive
· very easy to use
· powerful recording and playback tools
· supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
· size of about 70 MB, which is not too big
· feature of the voice changer, echo cancellation, and recording screen
· can record and play calls in real time (without pausing/continuing to record)
· can record all Windows audio including calls, skype calls, google calls, VoIP calls, social media calls, and messengers calls.

Airtel Software Activator Tool Software Activator Tool With Airtel Software Activator Tool you can activate your Airtel software in a simple way, online, you just need to download it from our website and run it, follow the step by step instruction on the screen to activate it.Airtel Software Activator Tool Features:

· Airtel Software Activator Tool supports Airtel software versions from to
· You can use our Airtel Software Activator Tool even if your Airtel software has been already installed or is being installed.
· You can use our Airtel Software Activator Tool with all Airtel enabled devices, all Android enabled devices, tablets, and phones.
· You can download the trial version of the Airtel Software Activator Tool to check the functions it offers before you purchase it.
· When you purchase the Airtel Software Activator Tool, it automatically activates after the payment is made.