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Inspired by a trip to Germany, I created this beautiful theme. It includes a detailed land and aerial map, sea, river, beach, beach bar and high quality panorama landscape images taken by myself.
Coastal Germany Background Map:

Germany is one of the most popular countries in the world, especially Europe, so every year tourists are flocking to enjoy its high standard of living and the unique culture that they find there.
You can find its beautiful land, people and cities in this map, designed by Google, which is a powerful tool to show you the location of cities, streets, countries and countries of the world.

Here you can find the map of the city of Dusseldorf:

Aerial Map of the Germany Region:

Dusseldorf is a nice city in Germany and you can appreciate its views from the sky.

Landscape Map of the Germany Region:

This map shows you the topography of the German region:

Dusseldorf is located on the northern coast of Germany, in the Rhine Valley. In fact, Dusseldorf is Germany’s premier financial and business center and the birthplace of Rock.

Theme Details:

There are many places to visit in Germany, from the mountains and castles to the many architectural monuments. But the most beautiful ones are the great cities and the incredible landscapes that are found there.
The images in this theme were taken during my trips to the city of Dusseldorf and to different parts of Germany.
There are several locations you can enjoy in Germany and I will describe each one of them with panorama photos taken by myself.

Bavarian Forest:

Germany’s Mountain Range:

The Eifel region:

The Romantic City of Nuremberg:

Coastal Germany Panorama:

A panorama photo shows you a 360-degree view of a city, area or country. The perfect place to find a nice panorama photo is a long exposure that can make the place look unique and different from other pictures.



The first panorama of the theme is the view of the city of Dusseldorf.

Aerial View of Dusseldorf:

The panorama of the Dusseldorf city was taken in the city center, which is very eea19f52d2


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