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BiglyBT – is a free and open-source torrent client designed for use as a replacement for Azureus. After a long night spent at work, you return home, you have a couple of torrents on your hard disk that you want to watch, but the download speed is too low. Why not download them right now? Maybe the connection is really low, so that’s it, you decide to download a torrent by yourself instead of waiting for the network. But that’s not possible, as you don’t have the right to access the Internet. BiglyBT is here to help you, when you need it. It offers you to download torrents at the maximum speed allowed by your Internet connection. You can test the connection with BiglyBT before downloading to make sure that the speed is good enough to download. This is the main idea behind this torrent client. With the speed test on the way, and the increase in speed, you start downloading your torrents in record time. You don’t have to wait for the download to finish, you can download only what you need to and then save the rest of the file later. BiglyBT’s good looks and intuitive interface are designed to make it a pleasure to use, even if you’re a newbie to torrent technology. Just follow the steps provided by the program and everything will go as planned.
Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)
Microsoft JRE 8 or above
Java 2 or above
Torrents that you want to download


BiglyBT’s documentation is a bit short. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but I think it may work for you.
The main difference between BiglyBT and other popular BitTorrent clients is that it’s built with the user experience in mind. When you launch BiglyBT, you are greeted with the “about” screen, which gives you detailed information about the tool.
The tool is designed with three user proficiency modes. Beginners are given only the bare essentials, but can still manage their torrents; intermediates can fully control the torrents and have access to a lot of configuration settings; advanced users are granted full access to everything.

See more detailed features at BiglyBT Features.
Note that BiglyBT is based on Azureus, so some features are available, but not all. To get all of the settings, downloads, and plugins, you’ll need to download the files in eea19f52d2


BGEYE displays system information and configuration details on the desktop, replacing the system tray, while remaining unobtrusive. BGEYE supports all major desktop environments, Windows operating systems, macOS, and Linux distributions.

BGEYE uses a native Windows user interface and is for both desktop and portable installations. BGEYE is a system information tool that displays critical computer details right on the desktop of your computer.

Instead of using a dedicated interface, BGEYE shows all details as part of a wallpaper that’s automatically updated at a user-defined interval. With an icon that quietly sits in the System Tray and waits for your input, BGEYE shows only a limited amount of information, including user name, local date and time, day of year, computer name and uptime, CPU speed, model and manufacturer, graphic and audio devices, USB ports, RAM usage, registry size and local disk drives.

The program’s GUI however makes the program a bit difficult to use, especially for beginners who may need a more straightforward approach.

There are plenty of options available, that’s true, but some of them are using less intuitive names that may require additional documentation. You can configure the rendering resolution, which can be the one currently in use or a custom one, but also the elements to be displayed on the desktop. As said, BGEYE automatically generates a wallpaper and refreshes it a configured interval, so you can adjust this interval too.

The problem is that seems a bit heavy on hardware resources and the computer is slowed down every time it refreshes the wallpaper. Performance of older workstations may thus be seriously affected, so a bigger wallpaper changing interval is needed.

All things considered, BGEYE is an interesting project, but it clearly needs a lot of updates to work properly. The idea behind the program is great and similar apps are already out there doing the same thing a lot better. BGEYE has been tested under Windows 10.

It took me a while to figure out why I got an update notification in the Control Panel. After a while, I did find the program in the list of programs with update notifications in the Control Panel.

BGEYE is a system information tool that displays critical computer details right on the desktop of your computer.

Instead of using a dedicated interface, BGEYE shows all details as part of a wallpaper that’s automatically updated at a user-defined interval.