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WWE Windows 7 Theme is a collection of ten nice images of famous wrestlers in wrestling. You can select the order in which they appear, as well as the duration of the delay before the new picture appears.

NOTE: You must have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight installed to view the videos. Visit our website to update or see instructions for other platforms.

Unfortunately for many Windows users, Microsoft Silverlight 5 is not yet included in Windows 7. And that means that you can’t watch the videos on this page unless you install the plugin yourself.
Visit our website to see how to do it in the platform of your choice.
However, if you already have the plugin installed on your computer, you can skip to the next section of the page to watch the videos.

The reason we still recommend you update the plugin is that it is the only way to watch the trailers on this page. Because of the new copyright protection measures put in place, you can no longer use the plugins on this page in the future.
Another good reason is that it will improve the look of your Windows desktop and it will speed up your computer.

How to install Microsoft Silverlight 5

Get the latest Silverlight version from Microsoft’s website.
Locate the Windows Vista/Windows 7 package that matches your operating system. Download the installer and double click on it to run it. Follow the instructions provided to install the plugin.

How to watch trailers without Silverlight

If you already have Silverlight 5 installed, the short video links will play without any problems.
However, if you don’t have it installed, you will need to watch them through the internet.

The video links on this page are hosted by YouTube.
If you watch the videos through the YouTube interface, you will have to enable the option to turn off the “site security” (it can be found in the video’s player in the upper right corner).

When you are done watching the videos, make sure to install the Silverlight plugin from the Windows control panel.
That way, you won’t have to watch them through the web browser again in the future.

Well, in a way, that is not true.
A lot of games come with the latest versions of Microsoft Silverlight pre-installed.
If your game hasn’t done that, you can download the plugin through the Windows control panel.

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In addition to the Start Menu improvements introduced in Windows Vista, Start++ takes advantage of the new application finder and provides a command-line interface to certain application functions. You can have start++ launch programs with system-defined parameters and/or with custom parameters.
Customizable command lines and custom commands
If you want to create a completely custom command-line tool, you can do it. Start++ allows you to create shortcuts to your own custom command-line programs, not just the classic “start” command.
These custom commands can be configured to trigger a series of actions or launch applications when you execute them. For example, typing “w Windows Vista” will take you to the Windows Vista page on Wikipedia!
You can even have start++ launch programs with system-defined parameters and/or with custom parameters. For example, typing “sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop” will stop MySQL. Type “sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start” to start MySQL.
Start++ will be in the Windows Vista component of Windows 7 as part of the Windows 7 Utilities.
Start++ Availability
Start++ will be in the Windows Vista component of Windows 7 as part of the Windows 7 Utilities.
Download Start++
The latest version of Start++ is available for download now, including a complete set of installation files. For current information on the latest version, please refer to the information on the Start++ site.
Quick Start
The following procedures give a basic idea of how to use Start++ to extend the Start Menu and the Run window.
Note that this is just a quick start guide to help you get going with Start++.
First, install Start++
Start++ is part of Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Home Basic, and can be installed by unzipping the archive to any directory of your choosing. You can also install Start++ as an add-on to your current Windows XP installation.
To install Start++, launch Start++ and press the “install” button on the Start menu. Alternatively, you can access Start++ from the Start Menu by pressing the Windows button, typing “start”, and pressing the “start” key.
Run the Start++Setup.exe file
The “main” Start++ setup screen will appear. In the Start Menu’s Start folder, right-click on the program’s shortcut, and select Properties. Select the option to open the properties window.
If the file is already installed, you can skip this step