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Deep is a survival exploration game.
About The Author:
Marco Diaz is a YouTube Video Game Developer and has been working on video games for the past few years. He studied game design at the California State University Long Beach and graduated in 2017. He has been working at a local video game studio called Ubisoft Calabasas where he has been working as a graphics engine and narrative designer. Deep is his first full length video game project as a game designer.
Email: ustompycommunity@outlook.com

For entertainment, we all love to see our favorite movie characters come to life in front of us. But what if the character was made out of real food? It turns out that this is a thing that happens in real life. So what happens when these actors play the part of their favorite food? That’s what this video is going to show you. Your favorite characters as you’ve never seen them before. This is our version of the dream of every foodie, the chance to change the characters you see in your favorite movies. Movie food, created by actor Tiffany Tannis or as she likes to call her, The Chewie. All this and more while under the effects of Mushrooms. Join us, the Star Wars fans.
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**Disclaimer – You don’t get something for free, you get something for your thoughts. I hope you enjoy my work and have as much fun as I do. See you later, bye!

‘Bye’ means that we don’t have any time left in this video, it’s been a while since we recorded,
You probably don’t want to see this. Do not worry though, that’s totally normal.
But we will be back soon. Until then, see you later.
All the music (unless otherwise stated) was made and is being used by your host, Byron Games.
The game is edited by Timothy Frazier, an awesome guy, super helpful, and someone who’s very generous to his fellow YouTube


Not So Heart Features Key:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • not learning mechanic
  • One Game Core

Not So Heart Game Instructions:

  • Just left click to win
  • Or use SPACEBAR
  • Or O buttons on your keyboard
  • Or GCLC(!)
  • Or D-Pad(!)
  • Or remember the button combinations L, R, A,S for guide line 1, 2, 3, 4

Not So Heart Game Help:

  • Just left click on the heart
  • Or use the spacebar
  • Or press the L, R, A,S buttons and then the O button
  • Or remember the button combinations L, R, A,S for guide line 1, 2, 3, 4

Not So Heart Game Links:

  • Not So Heart
  • App Store
  • Google Play

Not So Heart Game Key Features:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • not learning mechanic
  • One Game Core


Not So Heart [Latest]

City builder Simulator Progression of the game will be divided into two parts: regular and hard mode. The game is constantly growing so the amount of buildings and possibilities will be constantly increasing. Sometimes it will get harder to get the best positions for the buildings, when there are many other buildings that need to be built at the same time. You can choose from over 30 different buildings to build your city. The default buildings are always available and you can go to the gallery and search and buy other buildings.City Life:
Build your own home and residence on your island. The buildings are all placed by default, you only need to place them in the right position. The bigger and more houses you have, the bigger your palace will be. If you run out of space, another island will appear.City Life: The island is big enough to have multiple locations. At the end of each round you will have to collect power points (cash/gold) and build them into buildings. The buildings will be displayed and you can select them to build them on your island. If you select the buildings you can modify them and alter the parameters, such as changing the speed or size of the building.Buildings:
Classic buildings like the church, barn, tower, and the like. Once you own the building it will be put on your island. The price of the building depends on its size and the level. They can be built on any square surface that has access to water.

Big City Simulator. Enjoy!City simulator with constant growth.Construct the biggest and best city in the world for millions of players around the world, and share your amazing experience with them!Work and grow your city with a growing number of population, and become a world-famous mayor.Your city must grow fast and big. Build parks, sports stadium, business, industrial, residential and tourism cities. Play with all of these city types and connect roads between them.Build your city efficiently and quickly, all with a single click!Build a town, buildings, parks and roads. Create your own private city in whatever style you like.In this game you will be guided through the construction process.All of the buildings are precanned, but you can place them into position and alter the parameters.Develop a smart city that can support millions of players in this city builder simulator.Islands are full of people, is there a reason why city building simulator; it’s not exactly a game that you can play, it’s a game that you can build! Be careful


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A pair of very flamboyant underpants. Unfortunately one of them doesn’t fit my boyfriend anymore. Since we have a strict house rule regarding our clothing, I can’t just go and wear it off somewhere else. I can’t wear his, can I?
This is where our gay guide comes in. He suggests that I go and take a look at the male figures in the park. While the park has its share of cute guys who look like hunky Mel Gibson, I think I’ll stick to the guys who don’t.
I wander past a bench and see a fellow with a three-day stubble, wearing baggy jeans, a black leather jacket and a scruffy beard. He looks just like the gay guide so I decide to ask him for advice.
Come on, you, come on…
Hey, you looking for a man?
Well, what kind of man are you looking for?
Like a boyfriend?
Well, this is great, I’ve got some gay friends who I can ask!
Okay, so what are you looking for in a guy?
If you’re looking for a boyfriend then you’re looking for a guy who will look after you, who will love you, and treat you well.
And, of course, you want someone who will tell you how attractive you are – what a waste of time that would be if you couldn’t tell.
If you’re not looking for a boyfriend, but a man who you can have fun with, then you want a guy who will take you on a cruise, buy you expensive things, go to fancy restaurants, treat you to champagne and roses…
…and, of course, you want someone who will tell you how attractive you are.
What? No boyfriend?
Well, that’s fine. In that case, we can just walk around, find a man who we like and ask him to be our new boyfriend.
Just because we’ve got nothing better to do.
Okay, you’re going to want to go for the eye-liner and the beard…


What’s new in Not So Heart:


Outdoor concerts are a multifaceted and expensive pursuit. From paying for the weekend, to hiring security, to finding affordable parking, to finding donuts for the artists to snack on after the show, it’s not easy to put on a concert, but it’s all worth it when the sun starts shining, the party starts rolling, and all those transient souls find a home to call their own for an evening.

I am a big fan of outdoor, free, family-friendly concert opportunities, and I love to share my findings with the community. Because I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I get to enjoy some incredible and free summer concerts on the waterfront. And I hope you get to enjoy some of these local gems while finding a comfortable place to crash at the end of the day. It’s free, and it’s not quite so heartless.

July Concerts

H-Town BeatsCatch H-Town Beats weekly on Red Bull Radio station KKUZ 103.1 FM. They’re going all out. All-day Sundays for a free, family-friendly event. Parking is as shoddy as it was last week, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of folks from turning out for the bass-heavy showcase of local talent. Keep your eyes peeled for Heat, SPEAK, and others.

Movie in the ParkMayor, City, and Recreation and Park Department, and festival goers

The Boathouse Cinema Dock, Folsom Beach

Bay Area Soul and MadnessPop icons the Delfonics, power-pop band the Dead Rabbits, and film fans. Choose a favorite from several local movies, and then settle in to hang with your friend and enjoy some sweet beats. The more attendees, the more money the movie theater receives to donate to the community, so donate and your money will count while you enjoy an all-local, all-free concert. Movies start at 5 p.m.

$5 Pier

April-OctoberFree, family-friendly concerts from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Budlong Crab and Seafood Company, Hotel Del Coronado.

H-Town Festival

Aug. 20-21, 2012Free, family-friendly concerts at H-Town Festival on the grounds of Farm Bureau Park.

November Concerts

Ujima Drums with Kekeylah and The


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