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Stacks Docklet is a handy extension that allows you to view the items from a folder in a Leopard OS style. The extension works with the RocketDock application and can be added on the dock in order to enhance its navigation capabilities.
In order to use the add-in you need to unzip the archive and copy the files to the Docklets folder from the RocketDock installation folder. You can add the docklet to the RocketDock interface from the context menu. To select the folder and the thumbnail you need to customize the icon settings.
The docklet can be configured to display the content of any folder from your computer. When you click its icon the included files and folders pop up on your desktop and you can easily click one in order to open it. The files can be sorted by name, creation date or by file type.
The number of files contained by the folder determines the display style. If there are too many files to be displayed as a fan, the files are organized in a grid. The size of the grid is automatically adjusted by the docklet in order to fit all the items. If you prefer to use a certain display style you can specify this in the Options window that also allows you to change the font and the text size.
This tool is useful for the users that need to access a certain folder frequently in order to view the files or to edit them. Its inability to manage or to rename the files makes it a poor replacement for the Windows Explorer but it still looks better.
The response time depends on the computer configuration since the docklet animation occupies a lot of CPU time. In our tests, the dock seemed to briefly freeze when using a folder with more than three hundred files with the automatic grid view. Also, the grid expanded beyond the monitor so not all the files were visible.
Overall, the Stacks Docklet is an alternative for the users that prefer the RocketDock navigation instead of the classical Windows Explorer.
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The program will print out an audio visualisation that helps you to better hear the sound.
It will work with two main options:
– A pink noise – this will help you identify unbalanced frequency ranges.
– A sine tone – this will help you identify unbalanced amplitude range.
The audio visualisation helps you to hear sounds, it is a fake hearing test.
The user can press a button to change the frequency octave and frequency range.
You can also select the’smooth’ /’sharp’ option to help you hear your own listening mistakes.
Algorithm Description:
Percussive noise (acoustic) – a kind of sound that can be produced by different ways.
For example:
– by the striking of different objects, like bells or sticks on a wooden surface.
– by the vibration of different objects that create noise – like a drum, a spoon, a pot, etc.
Pink noise – a low-frequency sound that is continuous and has a constant amplitude.
It has the same amplitude or intensity, and the frequencies range from 5 Hz to 20 Hz.
The most common frequency in the pink noise is between 8 Hz and 15 Hz.
Why is pink noise used?
It is because it has a flat frequency spectrum.
For example, if the user wants to identify the balance between the frequencies of 3, 4, and 5 Hz, they can use this program to identify which one is dominant.
The response at 3, 4, and 5 Hz are very similar, therefore it is impossible to make a good judgement with these frequencies.
To avoid that, we use the frequency octave to select the dominant frequency and thus to make a good judgement.
This way, the program can identify the dominating frequency of 3, 4, and 5 Hz.
The pink noise has only one source and one amplitude.
It can have one frequency or a range of frequencies.
It is also possible to use other sounds like the sine tone, wav file, etc.
Sine tones
Each tone has a different frequency, its amplitude changes from maximum to minimum.
Its shape is like the one of a sine wave.
The range for these types of sounds is from 1 Hz to 15 Hz.
Why is the sine tone used?
Because the sine tone is used to identify unbalanced amplitude ranges.
Sine tones can have one source or a range of frequencies.
Some programs that use s