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Are JFIF image quality and resolution independent of any application that uses it?

I have some images that I’ve been using as I’m creating a wacom tablet pen monitor. It’s an image for a scene where I’d be holding the pen between my thumb and index finger. I’ve come to notice that when I viewed the image using a mouse and/or application built by a company who uses a JFIF writer in the camera (i.e. Imatest), the images displayed a higher quality than when I previewed the images via the build-in browser (i.e. Chrome). Moreover, when I simply copied the images into a text editor that has an image viewer, I no longer noticed the difference in quality.
My question is, is the quality/resolution determined by the writing method? Or is there some other variable that causes the images I’m making to look higher quality? I’m asking this question because some camera models do not support RAW images, and some do not support JFIF images. This means that I can’t use a RAW image in an application built by a manufacturer.


No – they are not “independant”.
However, this is not one of the cases where a free/open source tool exists that will usually produce better quality images than a proprietary one.
The JFIF specification does not specify pixel resolution, while PSD does (although currently, it is still optional to mention


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Showing that $V(G\times V(G)) \subseteq V(G\times G)$

Show that $V(G\times V(G)) \subseteq V(G\times G)$
I’d like a hint to lead me to a solution, this is what I tried so far:
Take some $(x,y)\in V(G\times V(G))$, then we have $xy \in G$. Then $x \in G$ because $G$ is an abelian group. I am stuck here, can you give me a hint?


Take $v\in V(G\times V(G))$ and $g\in G$,
Then $v(g,g) = g*g = g*(g+v)=g+v+g*v$
so $v\in V(G\times G)$


Suppose $(x,y)\in V(G\times V(G))$. So $xy\in G$. Now there is $z\in G$ such that $yz=(x,y)$. Since $G$ is abelian and $G$ has the identity element $1$, we have
so $y(z+y)=z+y$ or $y\in z+y+G$.


xcode – IBOutlet not connecting

I am programming in IB and have set up my interface file as shown in the image below.
The problem is that when I use “Build” it says “No connections found”. It also doesn’t let me connect any of my UI elements to the NSObject.
I have been at this for several hours and have been through many tutorials and seems like this should be a simple task. However, I am so new at this that I can’t see where I am going wrong. Any help is appreciated.


Your iBeaconView is not connected to your viewController in the storyboard.

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