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Developed as an accessible and abstract screensaver, Mani Screen Saver can be used every time your computer monitor goes idle.
Mani Screen Saver is a splendid 3D graphic screensaver that comes with ten different modules.









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★★★★★ 3D screensaver! Mani is one of the 3D graphic screensavers.
★★★★★ Includes ten 3D graphic modules.
★★★★★ Various 3D graphic effects! Mani includes all 3D graphic effects.
★★★★★ No technical knowledge required. Mani is easy to use and install.
★★★★★ Simple settings. Mani has a simple and intuitive user interface.
★★★★★ User-friendly. Mani is user-friendly.
★★★★★ No background noise. Mani is a completely noiseless screensaver.
★★★★★ No need for a 3D graphics card. Mani is compatible with 3D graphic cards.
★★★★★ No copy protection. Mani can be downloaded and used for free.
★★★★★ No size limitations. Mani can be installed on your computer, regardless of its size.
★★★★★ Full English manual. Mani comes with full English manual.
★★★★★ Mani is available in multiple languages.
★★★★★ Mani can be used by everyone. Mani is accessible to everyone.
★★★★★ Fast startup time. Mani will not make your PC slow.
★★★★★ No system requirements. Mani can be installed on your computer, regardless of its hardware.
★★★★★ Unlimited 3D graphic effects. Mani has hundreds of 3D graphic effects.
★★★★★ 3D graphic modules are totally free. Mani includes ten free 3D graphic modules.
Mani Screensaver was originally developed as a free, accessibility-friendly screensaver for Windows XP users. The screensaver itself was written in the XNA Game Studio, and uses a number of tools and software libraries designed to make it easier for programmers to create good-looking games and graphics. (XNA is a new technology for the creation of games for Windows and Xbox 360.)
It became quite popular as a screensaver for those that liked 3D graphics and/or appreciated the original Mani screensaver. Mani Screen Saver incorporates most of the features that made the original screensaver popular. The screensaver is designed to be an easy-to-use, attractive screensaver, and has many 3D graphic effects that have been carefully created.
Mani Screen Saver is one of the top-ranked 3D graphics screensavers available. However, Mani Screen Saver is not limited to 3D screensavers. It is also compatible with other graphic effects as well.

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Mani Screen Saver is an excellent 3D screensaver for your Windows computer.
No installation needed. Download and use with Windows.
Mani Screen Saver is an outstanding screensaver for Windows systems.
See yourself in the future with this fantastic and easy-to-use screensaver.
Mani Screen Saver’s clean, colorful graphics allow you to view the world in a whole new way.
Enjoy the changing color patterns and detail of the solar system or simply gaze at the beautiful stars.
Watch the moon light up the sky, and the planets come to life.
Powered by the high-performance MiniCGI web server. You can have Mani Screen Saver and a high-quality web server at the same time.
Many screensavers enable you to view a picture or view the planets as a screensaver.
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System Requirements For Mani Screen Saver:

Windows 10 Version 1703
Windows 10 Version 1709
We are sorry, but this method requires you to use Windows 10 1903 Update 3 with August 2018 Update.
NVIDIA and AMD GPU AMD GPU NVIDIA GPU GDDR6 Support 7.1.1 16.5.0 2.0.0 OS Support Windows 10
Windows 10 Version 1803
Windows 10 Version 1809
Windows 10 Version 1903
Windows 10 Version 1909
Windows 10 Version 1809 64-bit Memory 16GB