Little Big Workshop


“An adorable new take on F2P Management Simulators, take over a small factory and turn it into your own factory.”
Publisher: Little Big Workshop
Developer: Little Big Workshop
Released: 15th June 2017

As Managing Director of a small factory, you are in charge of the employees, facilities and big picture. Do you win extra bonuses by reinvesting in the factory? Will you focus more on making ‘Spice’ or on making ‘Snax’? Unlock more power as you expand your factory.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes – decide the productivity of your workers, manage your efficiency as the big picture looms, and unleash the full support of your factory. There is a reward for any big picture thinking you have – and many rewards for you being clever enough to pull it off.

Little Big Workshop is a not a game that will just tick boxes. While the game is done using the Unity engine, it is not just a gaming experience, but really an experience experience of management for anyone.

Story – A fun experience experience

Little Big Workshop is a game that allows you to be an action manager; managing the design and building of the factory of your dreams.

It is a game for any age, so while you may be choosing amongst bigger factories and bigger bonuses, you can enjoy the game to the max if you like tinkeering, building some of your own tools and spinning plastic, or just creating the world’s best snax.

What makes Little Big Workshop fun?

It is really a game for the family as you get to play with your kids. The game is designed to be easy enough for toddlers and old enough for teenagers, you can have fun creating a snazzy desert outpost, or create a bit of technical marvel such as super spy technology.

Fun to play

Little Big Workshop is an addictive game for all ages. There are lots of levels and expansions which give you more and more resources to work with.

And who doesn’t like a bit of business, right?

Imagine becoming the boss

You get to be the boss of your own business. You get to create the kind of factory you want and see how they all work.

You can also be a bit naughty and design something that is a bit illegal and see how it works out.

Don’t forget to be nice as well


Little Big Workshop Features Key:

  • 32 divided into 4 equal parts
  • Random set of images
  • Word page
  • High quality images
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Simple and interactive
  • Helpful and encouraging
  • Helpful hint in game if needed
  • Numbers counting


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Added the checklist feature so you can check out an item’s conditions, requirements, description and more, all at a glance.

Added a hotkey to toggle the items number of required updates.

Added a new feature to automatically update inventory items if the items have changed.

Added a quick menu shortcut option to restart your game, or to end gameplay.

Added a system designed to keep your workshop clean and tidy.

Bug fixes

Game Improvements


Fixed an issue where Hotkeys were not being shown.

Fixed an issue where the hotkey “C” was not being registered as a hotkey.

Fixed an issue where the “R” key would not work.

A total of 50+ Bug fixes.

[ADDED]- Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue where the “C” and “R” keys were not registering.

Fixed an issue where the hotkey for list inspection does not display properly.

[ADDED]- Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue where the “R” key was not being registered.

Fixed an issue where the hotkey for list inspection does not display properly.

Fixed an issue where the item number was not being displayed properly.

Fixed an issue where an item tooltip was not being displayed properly.

Fixed an issue where the list inspection hotkey was not working properly.

Fixed an issue where an item was incorrectly being displayed as being converted.

Fixed an issue where an item was incorrectly being displayed as being sold.

Fixed an issue where an items update button was incorrect.

Fixed an issue where the confirmation prompt did not display properly.

Fixed an issue where the input chat box was not receiving input.

Fixed an issue where the quick menu was not properly displaying.


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• Little Big Workshop is the only production line style factory simulator.

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• Not designed for children, but a great game for adults!

• Quick and fun gameplay. Play until your heart is content.




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DylanRio says:


We use this one. We can’t help it. But this game is so simple, yet we have fun playing it. We both need something to do on the weekends, but we have different preferences on what to do, and we can’t seem to get together on what to do with this game.

AaronT says:


What’s new in Little Big Workshop: