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Unimodule V.0.4
Unimodule is a framework to implement universal modules and make your application works better.
It can be called in your favorite programming language in the easiest way. It doesn’t need any knowledge of Java.
You can find the official documentation here

When you install Unimodule in your computer, the following files are added to your My Documents/Unimodule folder.
├── (package.json)
├── (src)
├── (lib)
├── (pom.xml)
├── (readme.md)
├── (index.html)
└── (README.md)
When the web browser opens your favorite programming language index.html, Unimodule automatically installs the necessary modules.
It can be used in the following ways.
1) I’ll work with modules by using package.json.
2) I’ll work with modules by using (src).
3) I’ll work with modules by using (lib).
4) I’ll work with modules by using (pom.xml).
5) I’ll work with modules by using (readme.md).
6) I’ll work with modules by using (index.html).
7) I’ll work with modules by using (README.md).
Each time you add new modules to your application, you have to install it manually. This is because installing modules can be done only after installing package.json.
This is also the reason why you can’t add modules with command line.
① Add module by using package.json
+ Install nodejs
+ npm install unimodule
+ Add new module
# Add `import {User} from ‘unimodule/src/modules/User’;` to your code
+ Install module by using (src).
# Install module by using (src)
$ npm install unimodule/src/modules/User
+ Add `import {User} from ‘unimodule/src/modules/User’;` to your code
# Add `import {User} from ‘unimodule/src/lib 70238732e0

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