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EarthMediaCenter (EMC) is a software which allows you to watch online TV, and listen to online radio. The list of channels on EarthMediaCenter is by several orders greater than any cable TV package can offer. Additionally, the channels are regularly updated by new programs, and the quality of the sound is the best on the market.

Powerful search in catalogue – easy to find the desired music or video.

Advanced and easy to use filters

Easy and quick music file downloading

And much more!


Easily – just a few clicks – choose the desired channel

Powerful – list of thousands of TV channels is larger than any satellite TV package

Advanced – without special software, any digital player can view the file

Easy to use – no special software needed

Quality – best sound quality on the market

Quick – fast download of music, videos

Easy – file downloading is easy

Download – easy to install, automatic search for video, music


Watch or listen to sports, watch movies, view photos, listen to radio online. It’s all possible. And you can do all this for free, just with EarthMediaCenter.

Why not use it?

No additional license fee

The amount of channels – is by several orders greater than any satellite TV package can offer

Online TV on EarthMediaCenter is absolutely free

Bundles with software, compatible with many multimedia players are available for download

Many languages are supported

What is there to watch, to download?

Watch TV online, listen to online radio. You can watch it all. There are more than 3,000,000 TV channels available on EarthMediaCenter, and every day new channels are added. Watch online TV, listen to online radio, view photos. Do it now, and you can, because EarthMediaCenter allows you to do this, and more.

It is an on-line TV and online radio player software which is capable of downloading any type of media file. With EarthMediaCenter you can view and listen to music, video, audiobooks and listen to online radio. It is an easy and fun way to enjoy your favorite media, so you are sure that you will not get bored. You can watch online TV and listen to online radio right now, and make new friends in the chat room.

EarthMediaCenter is the best choice, if you eea19f52d2


Computer Time Manager (CTM) is a straightforward and easy to handle piece of software designed to assist you in restricting PC usage privileges, proving a handy tool for parents who wish to prevent children from spending their entire day playing games or watching movies.
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Computer Time Manager (CTM) is a straightforward and easy to handle piece of software designed to assist you in restricting PC usage privileges, proving a handy tool for parents who wish to prevent children from spending their entire day playing games or watching movies.

Clean and well-structured appearance

The application is quite simple to understand, its main window functioning as an ‘Administration’ panel, where you can decide who and for how long can work on the PC.

The interface of Computer Time Manager (CTM) is split into two tabs, namely ‘Time Management’ and ‘Settings’, where you can perform all the changes and adjustments with just a few mouse clicks.

Thoroughly configure the time intervals permitted to each computer user

The program will automatically allow you, as the administrator, unlimited time to the PC. Subsequently, you can start adding the users who should be targeted by the effects of Computer Time Manager (CTM), deciding if they too have administrator privileges.

After inputting the usernames of the people who will be working on the PC, you can select each one and start configuring their allotted intervals. You can add as many ‘Time Windows’ as you like, defining the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ hours, the total amount of ‘Allowed Time’, as well as the specific days of the week (Monday through Sunday), making sure they do not overlap.

However, in the case of special occasions, which you can indicate through a precise calendar date, you have the possibility of overriding the regular schedule, provided that you check the indicated box. The schedule can be custom  made for each individual user, clicking the ‘Apply’ button every time you are done, then pressing ‘OK’ when complete, in order to enforce the settings.

This way, when the permitted amount of time expires, the targeted users will be logged out automatically. Optionally, they can be warned of their remaining time a few minutes before, so they can save any work they might have done.

A handy PC usage sched