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The software creates a configuration file for a single drive, or a set of drives (up to ten).

After that, it launches a panel that contains a simple user interface to configure the specified actions.

The software allows you to configure the following actions:

Start backup applications, such as BackupPro or BackupExec.

Start ITunes remote control.

Mute the drive’s alarm.

Mute the drive’s fan.

Mute the LED.

Trigger a hard disk’s event.

Enqueue files on the drive.

Upload an archive of files.

Show information about the drive on your desktop.

Download mirror disk images on the drive’s network interface.

Supports USB 2.0 drives up to 2 TB capacity.

The software allows you to execute the selected functions by clicking a button. It supports the following actions:

Enable the drive.

Close the Drive menu.

Process the selected file on the drive.

Recover with selected partitions.

Export partitions to GPARTED.

Format partitions.

Create a partition.

Mount a partition.

Rename a partition.

Eject the drive.

Disconnect the drive.

Copy the files from one drive to another.

Move the files from one drive to another.

Download the files from the drive to your PC.

Create a shortcut on the desktop.

Move files to an application.

Export the files to the specified folder.

Mount the volume on Windows Explorer.

Mount the volume as a network share.

The software has the following features:

The Windows service is saved in the system tray.

The indicator shows the status of the software.

The program runs in the background and is not visible on the screen.

The software can be installed and uninstalled.

The configuration file is saved in the program folder.

The software supports USB 2.0 drives.

The installation takes about four minutes.

The first version of the software was released in February 2011.

The software was updated to the new version in April 2012.

The software provides the following advantages:

Allows to assign several actions to a single button on the front of the drive.

Provides control over the drive’s power switch.

Allows you to change the

LaCie ShortCut Button Crack + Download

Completely portable and easy to use.

Modern and attractive.

Features such as access to your favorite applications, file synchronization, USB drive control and much more.

Key Features of LaCie ShortCut Button Crack Keygen:

Shorter than the HD button on the front side of the LaCie HDD.

Flexible and useful, LaCie ShortCut Button Cracked 2022 Latest Version works on all the latest operating systems.

Is an easy and user-friendly application that lets you manage the blue button on the front side of your HDD.

Allows you to assign various functions for the button.

How to use LaCie ShortCut Button:

1. Download the installer of the program for your Windows, MacOS or Linux computer.
2. Run the software installer and press the “Next” button to install the program.
3. Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to sign in into the LaCie ShortCut Button program.
4. In the program, you can assign various functions to the buttons on the front side of your LaCie HDD.
5. For example, if you assign a function that you want to perform when the button is pressed, you will be able to access your favorite applications by pressing the HDD button.
6. Perform other actions, using the software such as file synchronizations, USB drive control or control of your HDDs by pressing the button.

How to create shortcuts in LaCie ShortCut Button:

1. In LaCie ShortCut Button, add a new shortcut:

On the Desktop, create a new shortcut and link it to a specific file.

On the left panel, in the “Special actions” category, there is a “Make new shortcut” option.

If you use a USB drive, here is what you need to do:

Press the “Choose” button and select the USB drive that you want to assign it a function, in the “Destination” category.

Press “OK”.

In the “Name” category, type the name of the shortcut that you want to create.

In the “Description” category, type a description of the shortcut.

In the “Location” category, under the “Destination”, type the path where you want to create the shortcut.

Here is what you need to do:

Press the “Choose” button and select the application that you want to

LaCie ShortCut Button Crack+ License Keygen For Windows

The software solution to increase the functionality of the LaCie ShortCut Button. It allows you to assign the actions to be performed when the button is pushed. It will save some time! The tool is available in a version for Windows systems.

LaCie ShortCut Button can be used for all of the popular models of LaCie hard drives, like REVO, ALE, ALTO, EXOS, ICON, PLUS, ULTRA, PROTECT, SYMPHONY, SEASON or an individual model.

LaCie ShortCut Button can be used by owners of both, Windows and Mac operating systems.

LaCie ShortCut Button Features:

Easy-to-install and use.

The software is dedicated to the models of the LaCie hard drives. Thus, your model is supported with a single download!

Extension cords: +4, +3, +2, -2, -3, -4.

The tool supports both single and dual battery option.

Additional battery settings for the extended computing time (in case of double-battery option).

Installation, User Guide and Application Support:

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer.

The software is registered in the Mac App Store.

The application support includes a document with the installation instructions, application user guide and technical user guide.


LaCie ShortCut Button runs on the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X version.

System requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer (No OS X version is required, but it works as well on all Mac models).

LaCie ShortCut Button Technical and Application User Guides:

Technical user guide includes troubleshooting sections and documentation on the function overview.

Application user guide is designed to make the application easy-to-use. It includes descriptions of the function settings and application programming interface.

LaCie ShortCut Button Installation Guide:

PDF file.

LaCie ShortCut Button is available in a single format (single-file format).

Quick Start Guide:

“LaCie ShortCut Button” overview.

“LaCie ShortCut Button” installation.

Configure the shortcut button.

Additional shortcuts and buttons.

“LaCie ShortCut Button” shortcuts

What’s New in the LaCie ShortCut Button?

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LaCie ShortCut Button 4.3.42 | 25.8 MB | Cracked


This software is for Mac users. It helps you to automatically mount LaCie drives on your desktop or to create shortcuts on your desktops to quickly open files directly on the hard drives. It also lets you easily perform a full transfer of all your files to your hard drives, or synchronize the files from one drive to another.

– You can assign a function to the LaCie HDD’s button
– You can assign a task to a shortcut that automatically opens your files
– You can add your files to a “to-read” folder on your LaCie drive
– You can view the files on your LaCie drive directly from the software
– It is compatible with all the LaCie laptops, desktops and hard drives

Main Functionalities:

There are several main functions that you can assign to the LaCie drive’s button.
– Mounting the drive on your desktop
– Creating shortcuts on your desktop to your LaCie drive
– Viewing or synchronizing your files from your drive
– Viewing the files on your LaCie drive directly from the software
– Creating a to-read folder on your LaCie drive
– Transfer all the files from your drive to the selected folder

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System Requirements For LaCie ShortCut Button:

OS: PlayStation®4 (version 6.2 or higher)
CPU: Dual-Core CPU at 3.2 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 3 GB or more
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 or equivalent
HDD: 15 GB or more
SOUND: 3.5 mm Headphone jack
D-pad/buttons: D-pad, shoulder buttons, face buttons
Rear touch pad: Navigation and directional pad
Network: Broadband