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FullRecall is a simple application that helps you study. Not your homework, but your memory.
This application is ideal for those of you who are not able to study efficiently because of a lack of practice. FullRecall is an effective solution which helps you to remember and practice effectively. With FullRecall you will always be able to develop yourself.
The idea of FullRecall is very simple, but it also takes advantage of the Windows’ notification mechanism. The application constantly requires knowledge, so that you can develop in this field of knowledge.
FullRecall is based on two main objectives: to teach you to learn efficiently, and to help you develop yourself. This program is very simple and should not be complicated.
The program is divided into four sections:
– Categories
– Questions
– Answers
– Overview
The categories are the root of the tree. If you have to learn something, you should first learn it from the categories.
By developing your knowledge, you will increase your recall.
The Windows taskbar button and the application icon are responsible for launching the application and showing the questions. You can also close the application by clicking on the application icon.
FullRecall is compatible with the following systems:
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
– Windows 8.1, Windows 10


FullRecall Screenshots


FullRecall System Requirements

FullRecall requires the following minimum system requirements.




1 GHz or higher

2 GHz or higher


1 GB

2 GB

Hard disk space

8 MB

16 MB

FullRecall is available as a free download.

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