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Digital painters, illustrators and concept artists can take advantage of a multitude of professional solutions to create stunning works, but many open-source alternatives are often overlooked, and there are plenty of reasons to give them a chance.
Krita Portable is a powerful yet intuitive digital painting tool that serves as a perfect example. It offers an impressive array of features aimed at a broad range of graphic artists, and it packs everything into a modern, intuitive and customizable interface.
Portable version of the popular digital painting solution
If you are already familiar with Krita, this portable edition is an interesting alternative to the standard installer-based version. It relies on the well-known PortableApps.com Platform, and it offers many advantages over the regular edition.
Most importantly, Krita Portable can be installed on a mobile storage device, such as a USB drive, and deployed on multiple computers without restriction, while maintaining all your settings and profiles.
Additionally, the application does not leave any traces behind on the host computer, so you can be certain every PC you run it on remains clean.
Offers a comprehensive feature set that should impress even the most demanding artists
The most important tools in the arsenal of any digital artist, the brushes, can be customized to a great extent, and the application offers a total of nine unique brush engines. A number of parameters can be modified, so as to cater to the needs of individual users.
Krita Portable offers another interesting feature in the form of the Wrap-Around Mode, which enables you to create seamless textures and patterns while watching the references update in real-time.
The application also provides helpful drawing aids and mirroring tools that you can rely on, and its comprehensive layer management system makes it easy to keep your project organized.
Moreover, Krita Portable supports color management through OpenColor IO for EXR and LCMS for ICC, and it can take advantage of OpenGL to improve the quality of the canvas and increase zooming speed.
User-friendly graphic design program that features a modern, intuitive interface
The application’s dark-themed UI is both appealing and easy on the eyes, and its layout is quite straightforward, so much so that any artist that has used similar programs in the past should have no problems finding the tools they need.
Speaking of ease-of-use, we should also mention the handy pop-up palette that you can bring up by simply right-clicking anywhere on the canvas. All the tools you use frequently can be stored here, along with some recently used colors.
To sum up, you already use the standard version of Krita, this portable edition is certainly worth a look, as it provides the same features while offering some interesting benefits.
However, if you are a digital artist who has not heard of this application until now, you should definitely give it a try. It is very easy to use, puts an extensive array of tools at your disposal and featuring a modern, intuitive user interface.









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Krita is an excellent and powerful software for digital artists, it is a free, open source, cross-platform digital painting tool. Krita is intended to serve as a perfect art tool to creative people who want to make photo realistic paintings, commercial artists as well as for students who want to learn how to paint.
Krita’s goal is to be a very intuitive and fast paint tool, and it features a simple, clean interface. Krita is easy to use, and as a result, it is one of the fastest painting software out there. It has a low learning curve and is very easy to use. It also has a modular architecture, which means that most of its functionality can be modified and expanded by the user.
Krita features nine unique brush engines, as well as some helpful drawing aids and a comprehensive layer management system.
The brushes can be customized, so as to cater to the needs of individual users. Krita has a dark-themed UI, which is both appealing and easy on the eyes.

With the enhanced edition of this open source digital painting tool, your work will come to life. Its brush engine lets you paint in layers to help you create smooth, transparent gradients. The robust architecture lets you import images, edit with filters and even manipulate layers on a canvas.
To create a brush, simply click a paint bucket icon at the bottom of the app’s interface. For more than 3,000 brushes available, you will find everything from basic shapes and strokes to complex materials and sublayers. From there, you can adjust brushes and settings to get the look you want. And, with the intuitive layer panel at your fingertips, you can create or move the layers in your image to add or edit your art.
Plus, the interface is designed to help you paint better, more efficiently and with greater satisfaction.
One of the key additions in this latest release is Gradient Fill Layers, a feature that helps you paint gradients and other fill patterns using a paint bucket. Create your own custom shapes to fill the canvas and watch the gradients appear before your eyes.
The elegant Gradient Brush tool adds even more layers to your work by allowing you to paint using a gradient. The Gradient Brush tool lets you choose from a variety of preset color stops, which you can move and rotate to customize your own pattern.
The brushes are easy to use and offer a variety of painting styles. Create the look you want to add a

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Hold the Main Key to open a new image, or
Hold and keep holding the Alt Key to rotate and edit selected image
Hold the Main Key to open the color picker,
Hold the Alt Key to open the mask picker
Hold the Alt Key to open the image picker
Hold the Alt Key to change the brush size.
Hold the Alt Key to change the brush hardness.
Hold the Alt Key to switch to an image view or photo editing mode
Hold the Alt Key to open the save dialog
Hold the Alt Key to open the trash can
Hold the Alt Key to open the texture view

Overall, I liked the way it was set up; however, I did find it a little difficult to navigate the menus as I am not particularly familiar with Photoshop (I am just beginning to learn it). I tried to open a new document in Photoshop and made it difficult to find where I could go to click ‘New Document’. I believe with more experience it would be very easy to use, and I do think it is worth a look. I do not have a very good understanding of Photoshop though.

Krita is an easy-to-use graphic design program that is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Easy to learn and simple to use, Krita is a powerful, customizable and feature-packed solution that delivers a wide range of tools designed to help you get the most out of your creative endeavours.
Krita Portable is a portable version of the popular digital painting application.
It supports both Windows and macOS.
It is designed to work with the PortableApps.com platform.
The program features a dark interface, and it comes with a slew of brushes, pattern, background, filter and image editing tools.
Krita Portable offers nine brush engines and a number of variations of each.
All nine brush engines can be customized in numerous ways and it also includes a variety of patterns and backgrounds to suit your specific needs.
You can access more than 200 filters, effects, and other tools.
As an artist, you can also import and save layers, layers-groups, paths, smart objects, and even other layers-groups.
Krita Portable supports a comprehensive color management system, so you can take advantage of an OpenGL-enabled canvas.
You can use multiple monitors as a canvas without losing your work.
Just like its larger, official counterpart, Krita Portable allows you to share and collaborate with other

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Create breathtaking art with Krita!
Krita is a professional, open source digital painting application that serves as a perfect example of artistic freedom.
With Krita, you can create beautiful pieces of art using an intuitive painting toolkit. The tools are easy to use, and you can quickly grasp the basics of painting without the need to learn complex painting techniques.
The application has a modern and user-friendly interface, and it includes many features to help you create powerful works of art. You can use Krita’s extensive brush engine, which includes nine different brush engines and nine different color pickers. You can draw freehand, and you can use a variety of drawing aids to make your work more precise.
The versatile color management system of Krita supports a variety of color profiles and OpenColor IO for EXR and ICC for color management. All these options make Krita a versatile tool to use for various projects. You can also import and export files to different file formats using various file converters.
The program’s powerful layer management system makes it easy to organize your projects. The built-in toolbox provides comprehensive painting aids, such as a colorizer, a gradients tool and a feature-rich watermarker. The brush editor allows you to edit all brush parameters, such as pressure, angles and sizes.
As a multimedia tool, Krita can also export images, videos, 3D models, and music, and it can import various types of images and videos. The program can also export to various file formats and play back both online and offline videos.
Key features:
– supports the creation of beautiful artwork
– an intuitive interface that makes it easy to paint
– nine different brush engines
– nine different color pickers
– a versatile color management system
– import and export of files to different file formats
– the built-in toolbox provides various painting aids, such as a colorizer, a gradients tool and a feature-rich watermarker
– the brush editor allows you to edit all brush parameters, such as pressure, angles and sizes
– the program can also export to various file formats and play back both online and offline videos
– a powerful layer management system
– the application supports color management through OpenColor IO for EXR and ICC
– the application’s built-in toolbox provides various painting aids, such as a colorizer, a gradients tool and a feature-rich watermarker
– the program can

What’s New In Krita Portable?

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