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KEYMACRO is a convenient utility that helps users to record and playback keyboard keys. You can record keyboard keys as you type. You can also select a recording window, then the keystrokes within this window will be recorded. The keystrokes will be kept in the window until you close the window. The following keyboards will be supported:
Microsoft WindowsKeyboardKeyboardIDNameAltKeyAlt/CtrlKeyAlt/CtrlKeyBtn1Btn1CtrlKeyBtn2Btn2AltKeyBtn3Btn3CtrlKeyBtn4Btn4AltKeyLeftArrowLeftArrowCtrlKeyRightArrowRightArrowAltKeySpacebarSpacebarCtrlKeyNumPad0NumPad0CtrlKeyNumPad1NumPad1AltKeyNumPad2NumPad2CtrlKeyNumPad3NumPad3AltKeyNumPad4NumPad4CtrlKeyNumPad5NumPad5AltKeyNumPad6NumPad6CtrlKeyNumPad7NumPad7AltKeyNumPad8NumPad8CtrlKeyNumPad9NumPad9AltKeyNumPad0CtrlKeyNumPad1CtrlKeyNumPad2CtrlKeyNumPad3CtrlKeyNumPad4CtrlKeyNumPad5CtrlKeyNumPad6CtrlKeyNumPad7CtrlKeyNumPad8CtrlKeyNumPad9CtrlKeyNumPad0CtrlKeyNumPad1CtrlKeyNumPad2CtrlKeyNumPad3CtrlKeyNumPad4CtrlKeyNumPad5CtrlKeyNumPad6CtrlKeyNumPad7CtrlKeyNumPad8CtrlKeyNumPad9AltKeyBackspaceBackspaceCtrlKeyDeleteDeleteCtrlKeyInsertInsertCtrlKeyHomePageHomePageCtrlKeyEndPageEndPageAltKeyF1F1CtrlKeyF2F2AltKeyF3F3CtrlKeyF4F4AltKeyF5F5CtrlKeyF6F6AltKeyF7F7CtrlKeyF8F8AltKeyF9F9CtrlKeyF10F10AltKeyF11F11CtrlKeyF12F12AltKeyF13F13CtrlKeyF14F14AltKeyF15F15CtrlKeyF16F16AltKeyF17F17CtrlKeyF18F18AltKeyF19F19CtrlKeyF20F20AltKeyF21F21CtrlKeyF22F22AltKeyF23F23CtrlKeyF24F24AltKeyF25F25CtrlKeyF26F26AltKeyF27F27CtrlKeyF28 4f8c9c8613

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KeyMacro is a free advanced utility that helps you to easily record keystrokes on your Windows PC. This app allows you to log any specific information on any website, or certain section of a webpage or even whole webpages. It can be used to protect your credit card details, login details, passwords and other information. You can set up KeyMacro to automatically log keystrokes, including passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and other sensitive information without any kind of software or browser modifications.

Keymacro can be set to automatically log keystrokes from any web browser without any software or browser modifications. The app records keystrokes in a log file stored in the main window. The main window also provides an option to clear the log file if you feel it necessary.
Keymacro Settings Options:
This advanced app enables you to configure two modes: manual and automatic. Manual mode allows you to log keystrokes manually. The application has the capability of recoding web pages in HTML, PDF, and Word format.
Automatic mode allows the application to automatically record web pages in HTML, PDF and Word formats. This mode does not require any additional software or browser modifications.

Keymacro can log keystrokes from any web browser. You can either log in manually or automatically from the settings window.

It can log in any of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

You can also log any website URL. You just have to enter the website address in the “Add URL” textbox provided.

You can also enter the keywords to be used for logging. The keywords can be multiple and separated by comma. If you enter a keyword which is present in the URL, the app will automatically log that keyword. For example: “online shop” is going to be logged.

Webpage to be logged

Log in manually

It can log websites URL in the background without being an active process on the system.

Log automatically

It can log websites URL in the background without being an active process on the system. The app can also clear the log file if you feel it is not necessary.

Clear log file

Automatically logs in websites URL in the background without being an active process on the system. The app can clear the log file if you feel it is not necessary.

Export log to HTML

Generate and open HTML