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KeyMACRO is a tool that helps you to record and playback keystrokes in your program or website. It allows you to record mouse clicks, keystrokes or whole text in multiple languages, from one single application.
KEYMACRO Features:
Fully customizable and easy to use interface
Record all your text in the clipboard or clipboard buffer
Playback all your recorded keystrokes or text
Save sessions or recording on HDD
Download sessions and export session
System requirements:
You need to have a compatible program or a web browser
In order to have a free trial, simply download the setup for Windows or MAC from

Animator and those involved in video production usually have at their disposal the best tools to make the magic happen and over viewers top-quality products. Among the many utilities that are meant to facilitate video editing tasks and other related activities, Stop Motion Pro tries to accommodate the needs of professionals and regular users as well.
Access everything from a well organized GUI
The interface of this application is clearly designed for practicality and ease of use as it puts all the functions at the user’s fingertips. The layout is split into several parts and the workspace has a generous space reserved for previewing the input.
Adding the image files or AVI movies can be done very easily, while the output can be exported to a variety of formats, including flipbooks and even directly to YouTube.
Dedicated frame editor and heaps of viewing options
Once the necessary files are loaded, the user has the possibility to single out frames for processing inside the specialized editor. This component includes a live preview feature as well as many actions and customizable settings for the selected frames.
When it comes to the way in which the input is being displayed, there are quite a few functions that can be accessed from the corresponding menu. Thus, besides adjusting the video or static picture to the main window, users will be able to activate a lot of extras, like markers, frame counter, crosshair and more.
A decent set of tools for all animators
There are some individual utilities that were built-in Stop Motion Pro in order to provide some supplementary features like frame painting, rig removal or video player, to name just a few.
As a whole, the application can surely prove to be of great help and facilitate the creation of animations in a pretty straightforward manner. The solid pack of functions brought by this 70238732e0

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1. Start your project with a simple keystroke.
2. Use your project as your primary development environment.
3. Import code from your previous project.
4. Automatically update your classes and namespaces.
5. Generate standard error messages that highlight your mistakes.
6. Execute your project one step at a time.
7. Analyze your application with the integrated debugger.
8. Generate a.NET Runtime library from your project.
9. Create and load a custom runtime library for the target runtime.
10. Apply your settings to all your projects.
11. Create a custom project template for Visual Studio.
12. Create custom actions for your projects.
13. The ability to import code from previous projects.
14. Run your project in the emulator.
15. Use your project as a compilation target.
16. Generate CIL code from your program.
17. Generate an assembler binary file from your code.
18. Configure your project to include debug information.
19. Access source-level debug information.
20. Modify your code at any time and have it recompile without breaking your runtime or code.
21. Generate a runtime for another platform.
22. Access assembly metadata.
23. Configure your projects to generate a runtime that support the use of the SharpDevelop IDE.
24. Easily build/rebuild your project.
25. Use the SharpDevelop IDE to build, debug, and test your project.
26. Access runtime debugging information while debugging.
27. Manually edit the class names/namespaces in your project.
28. Generate a reflection proxy.
29. Create custom reflection behavior.
30. Use reflection to update an existing class definition.
31. Access the IL.
32. Provide full.NET support in the SharpDevelop IDE.
33. Run your project in the SharpDevelop IDE.
34. Access source-level debug information while debugging.
35. Generate a runtime that support debugging and source-level debugging.
36. Generate a runtime that support breaking points.
37. Generate a runtime that support stepping into methods.
38. Execute your application in any web browser.
39. Produce a DLL for the SharpDevelop IDE.
40. Define your own types.
41. Generate your own task types.
42. Import or export types.