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Add Date and-or Time To Filenames Software is a helpful application that enables you to rename numerous files in one operation. It can add the current time or date, the last modification date or the time when they were last accessed to their names.

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Pattern formation in Drosophila involves the formation of colour patterns in adult flies. In the pigmentation system, the adult colour patterns are derived from a series of imaginal discs that develop from the larval eye disc during pupation. These discs are genetically accessible and provide a useful system for investigating the molecular basis of pigment pattern formation. Here we describe a number of mutants that affect different aspects of disc patterning and show how these can be used to investigate the molecular basis of pigment pattern formation.I want to read your comments on this: Have you ever looked at a library catalog for books you want to read and seen a book that looks great? Or has something caught your attention? Even just having it in your possession? Are you willing to pay a small fee to get the book and go out and read it?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Endlessly Prolific 2013

I got a little behind with my October Blog-a-Thon. But it’s going to be tough to catch up now, because I can’t get out of the habit of thinking about publishing (or not publishing) all the time.

And I’m just SO ADDICTED to poetry-sharing.

The first story, a friend’s one, was actually submitted in 2011. It’s called “Fireweed” and was written with my friend Stephen James. I was going to republish it here. But Stephen had a good piece to say about it, so we’re going to share that. But I am going to allow him to tell you about Fireweed.


I was working on the West Coast on a movie set when my daughter asked what I was working on.

“A movie.” I told her.

She said, “I’m on it.” eea19f52d2


Using standard Windows Event Log sources, EventTracker PULSE gathers and manages hundreds of gigabytes of log data from your Microsoft Windows and applications. Powered by extensive metadata, EventTracker PULSE identifies critical Windows log events for you. It then analyzes the data to present results in a logical sequence that makes sense to you.
EventTracker PULSE is based on eventlog system health functionality provided by the open source tool EventLogParser, and it includes support for Windows SNMPv3 MIBs and extended MIBs. PULSE’s customizable and customizable, it can export logs to structured, comma-separated, and CSV formats. It is highly configurable, and allows you to parse most log formats including SQL and syslog. PULSE also offers a powerful search engine that lets you search your own logs and the Knowledgebase in parallel, displaying relevant information in an intuitive graphical interface.
EventTracker PULSE Features:
• Powerful searching and filtering
• Data visualization and analysis
• Extremely configurable and extensible
• Event logging and metadata collection
• Over 200 predefined queries that cover a variety of search scenarios
• Searching of EventLogs, syslog and custom formats
• SNMPv3 and syslog support
• SQL and CSV export
• Support for over 20,000 events
• Knowledge base

Select from a wide range of providers, test their capacities, and choose the one that suits you best.

The service offered by a live event system can be used to automate the management of customer information. The EventTracker PULSE system is an example of a service that manages the events that are transmitted from customers, clients, events and places, all the information you need in a structured and organized way.

Choose your EventTracker PULSE Partner

EventTracker PULSE is a very scalable solution, and you can easily expand your services by choosing your own EventTracker PULSE partner.

Compare the cost and performance of EventTracker PULSE against those of other products.

EventTracker PULSE is an easy, intuitive and customizable platform to manage your log data, events and performance data. Our solution is based on the open source tool EventLogParser which has been developed by our very own EventTracker team.

Export, analyze and visualize your logs

Export your log data into structured CSV or comma-separated-value formats, allowing you to easily analyze and visualize your data.