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If you are using both Gmail and Outlook, then there is a high chance that you want to be able to access the information stored on the go. As the name implies, GogTasks is a tool designed to help you synchronize the tasks from Google and Outlook so that you can access either of them easier.
You can synchronize folders or categories of tasks
Since the utility is an add-on, it goes without saying that you need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. As a side note, you can access the extension from the Add-ins tab whereas using it entails hitting the Synchronize now button.
It is worth mentioning that you can specify how you prefer the synchronization to be done, as you have the option to do it Google to Outlook, Outlook to Google as well as both ways. In addition, if you prefer to sync only certain folders, then do not hesitate to check the filters and specify them in the Settings window.
Allows you to delete the synchronization history and sheets in Outlook
In the eventuality that for some reason you want to have clean sheets in Outlook, then you can achieve that quickly via the Wipe History function. While the option enables you to reset everything and start over with clean sheets, you should bear in mind that this can result in duplicate tasks next time you synchronize them.
If you want to delete all the sheets in Outlook, you can consider using the Wipe all Outlook Tasks option. Then again, do not forget to check if you have all your tasks in Google saved before you proceed. Moreover, remember that once you delete a task in Google, you are also erasing it from Outlook permanently and vice versa.
A handy tool for synchronizing Google with Outlook
All in all, GogTasks is a straightforward tool that provides you with a simple way to synchronize tasks and specific folders from Google and Outlook.



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Filter Google and Outlook tasks

Synchronize folders or categories of tasks

Sync Google to Outlook, Outlook to Google

Delete all sheets in Outlook

Delete all the tasks in Google

Dictate Outlook to Google and Google to Outlook sync

Delete synchronization history and sheets in Outlook


On the downside, you cannot do a manual sync. Additionally, you can sync only two options, Google to Outlook and Outlook to Google. If you do not mind any of the limitations of GogTasks, then you can consider it as an easy way to access the tasks from both Google and Outlook.


Publisher Description:

GogTasks allows you to:
– Sync Google and Outlook tasks and folders.
– Sync multiple Google and Outlook folders at the same time.
– Delete all tasks from Outlook at once.
– Delete all tasks from Google at once.
– Delete synchronization history and sheets in Outlook.

GogTasks is a simple task organizer. It gives you the option to sync multiple Google and Outlook folders at the same time, and sync them separately. For example, if you want to sync contacts and tasks in Outlook and Tasks and calendar in Gmail, you can do that separately. Also, it allows you to sync just a specific folder of Google or Outlook (using filters). If you sync just one folder, it will sync that folder. If you sync multiple folders, it will sync them all, so you can keep them separated.

This is a great app, but you do have to use two different apps and go to 2 sites. I have really gotten into using a calendar, and I don’t want to have to switch between google and outlook and keep them both up to date. It would be great to be able to sync between both at the same time!

I wish this could be an option for people. I feel like it would be useful.

The people at Googles support forum have said they cannot implement this. But if you have a mind that is somehow different than normal they should consider it.

If they do and it works, let me know and I will donate.

8.0 out of 10

November 2, 2013


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Rated 3 out of 5

,37 out of 45

Very useful

I did give it 4.5 as it wasn’t a

GogTasks [Updated] 2022

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GogTasks Free License Key

Works with Google and Microsoft Outlook on Windows.
You can select which folders and categories of tasks you want to synchronize, which happens right after you install the extension.
Users can save tasks in their Google account.
You can filter tasks to synchronize using various criteria such as Google Account ID, category, name, etc.
You can delete tasks that are added to Outlook on your own.
You can wipe history from Outlook tasks.
You can wipe history from Google tasks.
If you choose to filter tasks in Outlook, you can remove the ones that were filtered out.
You can activate filters for Google and Outlook.
You can see statistics on the performance of your tasks in a chart.
You can schedule tasks.
You can clear your tasks, views, folder, and spreadsheet.

GogTasks Team:


How to use GogTasks:

To get the extension, you will need to download it from the official website of GogTasks. Next, you will have to register an account, which requires you to create an email address. You can use an existing one or use an example account if you do not have an email address.
After registering, it is time to sign in to your Gmail account and Outlook. You can access your extension via the sidebar at the bottom of the page. From there, hit the button that says Synchronize now and you will be asked to confirm.
If you need to delete something from the extension, then do not hesitate to access your settings and specify them. Also, be aware that you have to wait a couple of minutes before the extension will be available on your account.

How to download GogTasks:

GogTasks can be downloaded through the add-ons tab on the official website. From there, click on the Add-ons link that is displayed there and select GogTasks.
Next, you will be taken to the site of the extension. Hit the Install button and you will be able to choose if you want to install the extension on the computer or the browser.

How to remove GogTasks:

If you do not want to use the extension anymore, you can just delete it from the extensions section that is located on the Google account. You will also have to sign out of the extension, which is why it is important to install it in the first place.

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System Requirements For GogTasks:

Requires a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system
Windows 7 or Windows 8 Pro is recommended
4 GB of available hard-drive space
80 MB of available RAM
80 MB of available disk space
30 MB of available space for the Steam client
Sound card and speakers
Steam account
Optional: in-game microphone (if you want to have the ability to chat while playing the game)
Intel Dual-Core or AMD