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Display the hexadecimal number “decimal” for the macro in the disassembler log file.
ON SCREEN Debugging:
Enable/Disable the on screen debugging messages.
Enable/Disable the on read section of the log.
Enable/Disable the on pause debugging messages.
Enable/Disable the on verify debugging messages.
Enable/Disable the on verbose debugging messages.
/OUT DIR Output Directory
Additional information can be found at
*Some of the functionality included with Pic Disassembler and PIC18 Disassembler (Pic Dis) is not available in this version of PIC18 Disassembler. For more information regarding these tools visit:
*PIC18 Disassembler is based on PIC Disassembler.
PIC18xxxx Device User Manual (
Basic knowledge of assembly language is a must.
Syntax of the Assembly Language used in the disassembler is IEEE Standard format.
You must be familiar with the use of the CPU Wirebugger (
This tool will only work with PIC18Cxxx and PIC18Fxxx parts.
You can use the on-screen debugger on all devices.
To use the online debugger, you need to connect the PIC to the PC using the debug and programming port using the Wirebug.
The backlight will not be functioned until the utility is restarted.
The programming port on the PIC can be used to place firmware on the microcontroller for debugging.
This option must be enabled before disassembling.
This option must be enabled before disassembling.
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