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• Import, export and manipulate graph (map) layouts.
• Draw and move nodes (and edges) and label them.
• Edit, erase and zoom existing nodes and edges.
• Stretch and scale graphs (maps) in a wide variety of ways.
• Preview layouts at any zoom level.
• Create, save and load graph layouts.
• Delete nodes and edges.
• Save layouts as images.
• Import and export graphs to and from other formats.
• Editable rules (nodes, edges, bounding boxes and labels).
• Support for one- and two-dimensional graph map layouts.
• Position and re-size graph nodes.
• Move graph nodes to new places.
• Stretch or shrink graph map nodes.
• Place labels, fonts and colors for nodes and edges.
• Choose whether nodes are placed horizontally, vertically, randomly or from a predefined range.
• Move and rotate labels.
• Create, delete, and move node rings.
• Choose nodes or edges as a ring.
• Combine individual rings into a single ring.
• Generate and display circular node images.
• Rotate, mirror and translate nodes and edges.
• Choose where nodes are placed and size them.
• Generate and display node images.
• Choose nodes as a collection of polygons (support for 12 to 19 nodes per node).
• Create, delete, and move node shapes.
• Draw and move edges and labels.
• Delete edges.
• Create, delete, and move node groups.
• Move nodes or group them.
• Apply scale, rotation, flipping, mirroring, skew, or distortion transformations to nodes and edges.
• Create node links.
• Set edge links.
• Create edge groups.
• Position and stretch group edges.
• Scale, rotate, flip, and translate edges.
• Create and move group edges.
• Create and move node shape groups.
• Scale, rotate, and translate shape groups.
• Create and move shape groups.
• Create and move selection nodes.
• Set nodes as an empty selection.
• Display node images.
• Draw circles and arrows around nodes.
• Add labels, fonts, and colors.
• Choose how a label is placed, how it is drawn, or what fonts it uses.
• Add a graph (map) map to a node.
• Add a new graph map 384a16bd22

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Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use
Are your ethics at the limits of high school? Are you using the Internet responsibly? On this App you will see an example of some of the issues in this space. The App will be helpful to you as it presents a collection of ethical questions that deal with ethical issues in the Internet. The answers to these questions, in addition to a discussion of the issues and issues you should consider, are presented for you. This is the first App in a series.
This App was written by David L. Blyth, M.Ed. on behalf of the Bureau of Educational Research, Office of Educational Technology (OET), U.S. Dept. of Education. The second App in the series will cover academic integrity and will be released later in 2013.
Issues that are covered include:
Ethics in researching the Internet
Ethics in using the Internet
Ethics of using multimedia and other resources
How to teach ethical issues to students
Other issues such as copyright and privacy
It is intended to be used by students and educators as a guide in helping them understand issues of Internet ethics.

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