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Why do we need pointers to function?

What are the reasons why we need pointers to function? Why can’t we use function pointers directly?


You can use a function pointer directly, but you have to do some weird stuff to do it. For example, if you wanted to convert an arbitrary function to a function pointer, you’d have to construct a dummy structure, put some data in it, then use a memcpy to actually put the function in that structure’s function pointer. This isn’t so hard if you really understand what’s going on.
An ordinary pointer allows you to access the memory that is actually being pointed to. For example, with pointers you can pass one pointer to a function, and it will automatically pass the correct variable to the function. With function pointers, you have to pass a variable to the function that points to the variable that you want. That can be a lot of work.
Another reason is that pointers provide automatic indirection. It might seem a bit odd at first, but it’s useful when the type of the pointer is not necessarily the same as the actual type. If it were the same, the compiler wouldn’t be able to optimize the code to do what you want to do.


A pointer to a function is a representation of the address where a function begins. With a pointer to a function, you can pass it to a function, such as a function of the type void (*)(int), and that function can then easily access the function to use.
For example:
int some_function(int x)
return x;


Airbus A380 Superhorn Image Pack – DreamFactory AFS-Design. 2 Download. Airbus A380 Crazy. Airbus A380.. Custom Graphics for AFS-Design Flight Simulator X.. This is a bit of an odd one, as it is a 8.95mb download.. Uploaded by Matt H.
As its name suggests, the package contains high-resolution textures, Icons,. AFS Design A350 Family V2 E55 Pack Download, Make sure that you have the latest revision of.package jetbrains.mps.lang.editor.multiple.testLanguage.editor;

/*Generated by MPS */

import jetbrains.mps.nodeEditor.DefaultNodeEditor;
import jetbrains.mps.openapi.editor.cells.EditorCell;
import jetbrains.mps.openapi.editor.EditorContext;
import org.jetbrains.mps.openapi.model.SNode;

public class NodeTest extends DefaultNodeEditor {
public EditorCell createEditorCell(EditorContext editorContext, SNode node) {
return new NodeTest(editorContext, node);
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My Other Biggest Inspiration

Earlier in the year, I wrote about my big inspiration, Naoshi Tsuda, the founder of Boulder Trading Company. Naoshi called it my “other biggest inspiration and I will forever be inspired by him.”

It’s been over a year, a very fast moving time, but I recently had the opportunity to meet her again in person. She took me to Mokai, her restaurant in Beverly Hills and I had the most memorable meal.

Now that my meals here are sorted out, I found out that Mokai is on the good food list. It is mentioned several times in Top Lists 2012-2013, the best of the best of Southern California. It’s also mentioned in Top 10 Restaurants on the Culinary Trail.

There’s something about Mokai. From the first moment we walked into the restaurant, we were at home. The service was impeccable and the food was great.

The Kofu was crisp, tender and almost sweet, an aromatic delight.

The Shirazu steak was moist and flavorful and topped with a pair of Yuz