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Generate the image map from the source data

Change the resolution to fit the screen

Allow the user to change the color of the maps

Allow user to import or export their own data

Allow the user to download a map

Displays the image for free

Displays the interactive map for free

Display a legend that shows what is on the image

Display countries in bold

Display countries in italics

Allow the user to change the rotation

Allow the user to change the shape of the image

Save the image map as an image file

Load the image map from an image file

Popup the values of all the plotted points

Store a list of the plotted points, circles, and rectangles

Create a new image from a series of geometrical shapes

Control the zoom of the image

Change the zoom of the image

Control the resolution of the image

Determine the way the data is plotted

Plot a map on the image

Plot the values of a series of plotted points

Plot the rectangles

Plot the circles

Plot the lines

Plot the pixels of the screen

Plot the color of the screen

Determine the type of data that will be plotted

Save a list of the points, circles, and rectangles

Draw a line of the points

Draw a polygon of the points

Draw a segment of the lines

Modify the values of the points of the map

Determine the type of the points that will be plotted

Print the image map

Export the image map as a JPEG

Export the image map as an SVG

Save the image as a JPEG file

Set the file format to be a GIF or PNG

Create a PNG or GIF file from a JPG

Convert a PNG or GIF file to a JPG

Extract a specific file from the image map

Read a JPG file to a JPG image map

Create a JPG image from an image map

Save a JPG image from an image map

Replace the colors of the images

Convert the image map to a GIF or PNG

Save the image map as a GIF file

Save the image map as a PNG file

Change the points of the map

Create a series of points on the 70238732e0

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