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Free Icon Tool is a straightforward application that enables users to browse, preview and extract icons from numerous types of files.
Search your computer files for icons and cursors
After an uneventful installation process, users are greeted by a new window bearing the application's name and version.
Users are provided with three buttons: 'Open files', 'Open folder' and 'Export'. Each of these buttons opens a new window, prompting the users to select a file or folder and save the item as an individual file.
You can click on files individually or select them in batch. However, when users select a folder, the application searches only that specific folder, meaning that sub-folders are not included and have to be manually selected.
Another drawback is that you cannot preview elements from multiple locations, meaning you have to browse through multiple folders and select the items from the specified path.
Users are able to preview icons from a few file formats, such as EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL and CIL and convert all types of image files.
Export your icons to popular file formats
The application's main function is to convert and export icons to an array of file formats, which include ICO, BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, TGA and PCX. Users are required to specify a file path and to select multiple sizes to be included in the ICO format. For other formats, users are prompted to enter width and height values for their file.
The program does not have a built-in editor, meaning that users might have to open the exported item to customize it. Despite this, you can set the application to add transparency and a gradual color to the finished item.
To sum it up, Free Icon Tool is a fast and reliable software solution that does not require a lot of knowledge to operate, but it might not appeal to more experienced computer users.


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ExPresso is a powerful and extremely easy-to-use software that can extract all types of image and Icon data from a selection of files, e.g. JPG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, PSD, GIF, ICO, ICO-Embedded, AVI, BIN, CEX, PLD, EXE, MDI, EXE-STUFFED, EXE-SUB, TAR, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, WIM, MFN, ANI, CSS, TXT, PDF and OCX.
You can specify multiple formats, sizes and various properties, and ExPresso will, based on the information provided, automatically extract all content that match the criteria you set. It supports batch extraction so you can easily export multiple image/icons files at once.

Paint.NET is a free image editing program for Windows. It allows you to work with images and apply effects to them and save them. You can also change the background of an image or its color settings, crop images or resize them. Paint.NET supports all the most popular image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, RAW, TIFF, etc.) and offers many different ways of image edition: basic tools (like fill and stroke), filters (like liquify, blur, sharpen, and so on), color correction, and many other options.
New in Paint.NET 3.0 is a programmable image editor that lets users work with images and paint with different brushes, pens, and their combinations. Now the tools for photo retouching are available and can be controlled from program’s toolbar. Paint.NET 4.0 was released on September 26th 2013, supporting Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform and integrating its SurfaceHub Live, Edge, and Skype.
Paint.NET 2.34 was released on November 22nd 2012, supporting Microsoft’s SurfaceHub, and Windows 7 and 8.0. Microsoft will support Paint.NET 3.0 until April 2013, and support for Windows 7 will end in the next year.
Paint.NET for Android has been available since April 2012 for smartphones, tablets and Windows 8.0 computers. It is the free, full-featured Photoshop alternative for Android and can be used to edit photos, create photo collages, edit panoramas and create your own image effects. Paint.NET is also included in the Windows Phone 7 devices since it was publicly released.

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This is a utility that lets you view and edit text, by allowing you to insert, delete, copy and move text
from anywhere on your screen, just by using mouse.
Key features include:
– Drag, copy & paste text from anywhere on your screen.
– Edit text, selecting more than one character at a time.
– Insert text, including full paragraph copy.
– Highlight text, apply color, change color.
– Change text size and color.
– Paste text from clipboard.
– Undo/redo undo history.
– Supports 16 languages.
– Extract the contents to any folder you like.
– Run the program and enjoy the hassle-free editing experience.
Enjoy it!.
All the programs on my site (including this one) are completely free.
However, you are welcome to donate if you like them.

Magnify It, is a tool that magnifies images in windows. It can magnify an image, or use any given image as a background.
It can be used to see details in print, or to see what people looks like from a distance.
With the magnifier you can see any image or document, and navigate through it and select text you want to copy.
Thanks for your understanding, I hope you enjoy!

Piranha Photo Studio is your Photo Editing software!
Why use ugly Cliparts when you have the most amazing Cliparts, Posters and Photos?
Piranha Photo Studio makes it easy to edit and enhance photos!
On the right side of the window you will find a preview of your image.
You can quickly resize your image and crop it.
You will find powerful Image Enhancers, a powerful Photo Editor, an image rotation tool and many more!
In addition to editing photos Piranha Photo Studio offers new creative possibilities!
Like adding text and/or your own signatures, or make your own Photo Albums and many more!
You can also adjust the background and use the included sketch-tools to make some quick designs.
When editing your images Piranha Photo Studio will save them for you with new IDs, so you can always find them again.

AFA Records Artist Profile Viewer is a program that can be used to view Artist Profiles on AFA Records web site.

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The program downloads, previews and extracts icons and cursors to a large array of formats including ICO, BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, TGA and PCX. It can also do batch conversions.

Search your computer for icons and cursors

You can open, extract or export icons from all kinds of files, including CNTL.EXE, DLL, EXE, OCX, CPL and CIL.

Export icons to popular formats

When you open a new icon, you can preview it, preview it enlarged or export it.


You can set icons in the icons window at any time to have them displayed in the icon preview window.

Unlimited number of icon sizes supported

You can set the number of icons in each size to have more icons previewed in the preview window at the same time.

Search in file folders or all hard disk drives

You can search for icons and cursors in any file folder or on all hard disk drives. You can also do batch searches.

Batch search

Use this function to batch search for icons and cursors.

Integration with Windows Explorer

When you open a file or folder, the icons and cursors that are in it are automatically found and previewed.

You can drag icons into the preview window. You can also drag and drop files to preview.

Preview icons and cursors in different sizes

You can preview icons and cursors in different sizes in the preview window at the same time.

You can double click on a file to open it in a new window.

Accessible from anywhere

You can access the application from any computer on your network.

You can specify the default program to use to open and extract file icons.

You can preview any file or folder.

This article in this guide shows you how to use this new feature of Windows 8. We’re going to use the new Media Library feature as an example.

I’ve written a guide that shows how to use Windows Media Player to build your own media center, all from the Windows 8 Start Screen. Start with this article in this guide and then follow the links in the article to the posts in the Media Center Build section.

I’ve written a guide that shows how to use Google Drive to manage your digital files. Start with this article in this guide

What’s New In Free Icon Tool?

Do your computer files and folders look drab? Better stop getting into your feelings and download this neat applications that will help you make them look happy!

Free Icons Decorator Software is an easy to use program to change the look of any folder or files with a set of easy to use icons. Just drag the icons you want to use in the folder and it will replace the default icons in that folder and when saved, those icons will be used to the folder!

If you like the look of the software or would like to keep the default icons in your folder then you can set the icons to be used as default icons for that folder when you save a new folder!

You don’t need to learn any programming as the software comes with an easy to use main window which is plain and simple to use and doesn’t get in the way.

Icons available for the project are available for most file types such as EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, CIL, PSD, TIF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA etc., so your projects will look snazzy no matter what file type they are!

With this software, you will look professional no matter what your computer looks like. It’s as easy to use as a program should be!

This software doesn’t ask for any information or inputs from the user other than the folder or file name!

All it takes is selecting a file and click on “Set Icons”, after that all you have to do is create your new folder or just save the files and it’ll look different!

Make sure to download this software today and you will have fun and be amazed by how easy this software makes changing and changing the look of your files and folders!

All in all, Free Icons Decorator Software is an easy to use program that has a lot of fun to it with a range of icons to choose from! Grab it right now!

Download and install this software. Go to the folder you want to change. Double-click the shortcut icon, and you will be presented with a self-explanatory window that allows you to change any of the icons on the right. As the program demonstrates, you can select any icon from the set of supplied icons. To change the background, you may want to set it to none. To change the transparency, click on the “Transparency” button and choose the appropriate setting

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Intel-based computer
300MHz CPU or faster
Hard Drive Space:
1.6GB free space on the hard drive
In order to play, you must download the game from the official website of CD Projekt RED.
Region Free.
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