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With the help of Fishbowl Client you can easily customize numerous aspects about your Facebook account, like the way it looks or how it behaves.
The software application has a built-in web browser where you can navigate Facebook activity, and it comes loaded with several practical tools and configuration settings that you should find simple to figure out.
Quick setup and easy access
Installing this program is a fast task that requires minimal effort from the user's behalf. Thanks to the non-intrusive mini mode, you can stay connected to Facebook while carrying on with normal activity on the computer.
The interface is made from an attractive window with a neatly organized structure, where Fishbowl asks for permission to access some information to your account.
Monitor Facebook activity and post new content
Posts can be seamlessly written and shared with your friends. You can visit profiles, Like posts and comment on them, as well as sort the content of your image album by various criteria, like last updated time, title or owner (by name or interest level).
The status bar shows any inbox messages and notifications, as well as the number of friends who are online, thus you can quickly spot these important events. Fishbowl Client lets you disable automatic software updates, open web content in an external browser, keep your account logged in, change the visual style, clear image cache, and more.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software utility did not hang, crash or pop up error messages in our tests. It has a good response time and minimal impact on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it requires a low quantity of CPU and memory to work properly.
On the other hand, we had trouble when attempting to run Fishbowl Client on modern operating systems, but we must also take into account that it has not been updated for a while. Nevertheless, users are welcomed to try out this tool for themselves.









Fishbowl Client

Evaluation note
(1) Works only on a computer where Chrome Browser is installed (not available on Windows 8)
(2) Uninstallation & Removal
(1) Follow these steps:
On your desktop, right click on “Chrome” and choose “Uninstall”
(2) Follow these steps:
Select “Application Manager”, and find fishbowl.exe file, then click on “Uninstall”, and uninstall this software.
The installation file is 1.39 MB, the uninstallation file is 328.79 KB.

How to use Fishbowl Client Cracked Version?
Fishbowl Client help1. Search for fishbowl.exe on your computer.
(Note: The desktop and the start menu are not the same places. You can only find the desktop version of this tool in the desktop, but it will be there in the start menu if you have Chrome installed in your system).
(2) If you are on a Mac, it should be:
Fishbowl is located in the /Users/USERNAME directory (where USERNAME is your user name). If you cannot find the file, go to the Home folder, and type “fishbowl” in the search box (if you don’t know where your Home folder is, you can find it in Applications).
(3) Go to the desktop, and double-click on the “fishbowl.exe” file.
(4) The “Fishbowl Client” window will appear.
(5) You can now configure and administrate your account with the online help or any of the detailed instructions below.
(6) In the beginning, you will see the Fishbowl Client start window. Next to “Yes, I’m the owner of this account”, you will need to indicate “yes” or “no” to the permission to manage your account.
(7) Fishbowl Client must be updated before you begin to use it. Go to Fishbowl -> Preferences.
(8) Enter in your email address (only the one you use for Facebook log in).
(9) You will receive an email with an authentication code and a link.
(10) Log in to your Facebook account with the same email and password you use for Fishbowl Client. The default login is “use your standard Facebook credentials”.
(11) On the website, you will be able to manage your account information, and optionally you can enable or disable specific settings for your account.
(12) You

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When you open your email, you might notice a new message from your email provider. Normally, you don’t have to worry about such messages unless you use the same email provider. From now on, you can safely remove Gmail from the notification list.
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Note: This feature can be found under Settings, Accounts, and Import/export.


Abandoned by Google

While a Gmail account is used by many people, it is owned by Google instead. You can turn Gmail off if you like, but this might cause some functionality issues. Check the ‘Turn off web app’ section of this guide to learn how to do it.

Cookies and Google services

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Contacts sync

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What’s New In?

Facebook Client designed to monitor Facebook activity and post updates from Facebook such as news, comments, friend requests. Can view and post status updates, liked photos, comments on photo uploads, return favorites, view profile information and more.
Key features:
• Watch Facebook activity.
• Reply to Facebook activity comments.
• Read Facebook messages.
• View your friends’ status updates.
• Submit status updates.
• Share photos.
• Create or Upload images.
• View your friends’ profile information.
• View your own profile information.
• Change your profile information.
• View your friends’ connections.
• View your friends’ list of friends.
• View your friends’ connections list.
• View your friends’ Friends Lists.
• View and manage your friends’ connections.
• View your friends’ recent activity.
• View your friends’ photo albums.
• View your friends’ shared albums.
• View your friends’ comments.
• Search your friends’ comments.
• See friends who are online.
• Open message inboxes.
• See list of notifications.
• Sort photos by last updated time.
• Sort photos by last visited time.
• Sort photos by owner.
• Sort photos by Title.
• Sort photos by Filter.
• Sort photos by Name.
• Sort photos by Rating.
• Sort photos by Importance.
• Sort photos by Date.
• Sort photos by Size.
• Sort photos by Tags.
• Sort photos by Dimensions.
• Sort photos by URL.
• Sort photos by Is Public.
• Sort photos by Categories.
• Sort photos by Likes.
• Sort photos by Feeds.
• Sort photos by Interests.
• Sort photos by Albums.
• Sort photos by Friends.
• Sort photos by Likes.
• Sort photos by Comments.
• View album image details.
• Sort albums.
• View your favorite albums.
• Sort photos by Views.
• Sort photos by Visitors.
• Sort photos by Date.
• Sort photos by Likes.
• Sort photos by Comments.
• Sort photos by Dimensions.
• Sort photos by Date.
• Sort photos by Views.
• Sort photos by Popularity.
• Sort photos by Likes.
• Sort photos by Comments.
• Sort photos by Dimensions.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
1.8 GHz Processor
4 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 9 Compatible video card
1024 × 768 display
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Internet connection
2-3 GB free space
512 MB RAM
High Definition TV with HDMI cable
60 GB available hard disk space