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FireMaster is a powerful software designed to recover lost or forgotten master password of Firefox. If user forget the master password of Firefox there is no way to recover the password. It uses some sophisticated techniques to recover the master password. FireMaster uses hash


My favourite way to reset the master password is by using the password reset function on your browser. When it asks for the master password to change it, you will be presented with the information of the stored passwords.
There you have it.

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FireMaster Portable For Windows 10 Crack is a plug-in for Firefox that uses four techniques to attack various passwords in Firefox user’s account. The first one is dictionary attack which uses a dictionary file to retrieve passwords. The second one is hybrid attack which takes username, password and domain as inputs, and tries to compare the password with that stored in the database. Third one is brute force attack where it tries to generate as many passwords as possible based on the given username and password. Finally, the fourth technique is pattern attack which takes a sample of password as input and returns a list of password which are likely to be that user’s password.
FireMaster Portable Serial Key Features:
* Can recover all stored passwords in the Firefox key database
* Can use multiple attack techniques together to save time
* Can use brute force attack in only one direction. No need to check multiple passwords.
* Can use dictionary attack and pattern attack together to recover the password.
* Supports pattern based password recovery.
* Supports all Firefox built-in default accounts as well as browser’s plugins
* Supports Microsoft Outlook built-in accounts too
How does FireMaster Portable Work?
FireMaster uses four attack techniques to recover the Master Password:
(i) Dictionary Attack
In dictionary attack, the software looks for similar password from an existing word list. You can use either.txt or.zip file to hold dictionary words. In default dictionary attack mode, it uses a large size dictionary of 20,000+ words. This technique helps in recovering passwords that are found in different websites but which are associated with the same user account.
For example, if a password is “password” then you can try several passwords from dictionary to get the correct password.
(ii) Hybrid Attack
Hybrid attack recovers the passwords which are not found in dictionary but which are found in the Firefox key database. In hybrid attack, you can use two types of inputs to find the correct password. The first input is the username of the account, and the second one is the username of a different account. The software will search the password that is stored in key database under the account passed as an input. For example, if a key stored is “1234” then the software will check if it is a valid password for the given account, and then search the matching password. If it matches then it is the password to be recovered, but otherwise not.
A hybrid attack can help when the password is found in one account but not in

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FireMaster is a Firefox add-on which tries to help users to recover their forgotten master password. There are several reasons why the master password is forgotten. One of the most common reason is user doesn’t save the master password in the Firefox. User also forgets to write the master password when he visited the website for the first time. Another common reason is when Firefox accidentally or involuntarily closed while the master password is still being typed in.
FireMaster recovers the master password in these scenarios. It uses three different techniques including dictionary, hybrid and brute force. This makes it reliable and faster tool to recover master password. FireMaster now supports pattern based recovery method.
Using this powerful add-on, user can recover the master password within 1 min on any of their Firefox profile.
FireMaster has two modes of operation. One is list mode and second one is dictionary mode.List mode:
This means that it will list down all the recovered passwords in a easy to read fashion. Dictionary mode:
In this mode it will list down the recovered passwords in descending order of password length. Among all the passwords, you can also select the password you want to use in recovery process.
Now let’s have a look into the key benefits of using FireMaster Portable:
1) It supports recovery for all Firefox profiles.
2) It supports all Firefox versions on both 32-bit and 64-bit platform.
3) It supports recovery of the master password of any website (all browsers) and any website (any browser)
4) It supports multiple password combination recovery for your master password.
5) It provides user friendly interface.
6) It supports 3 modes of recovery namely dictionary, hybrid and brute force.
7) It supports pattern based recovery.
8) It doesn’t need additional licenses or any updates.
9) It supports all major operating systems including Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac, Linux, Android, and more.
How to Recover Master Password using FireMaster Portable?
To start the master password recovery procedure, FireMaster requires to follow few steps:
1) First of all you need to install the add-on. The add-on is compatible with Firefox version 34. It also supports Firefox nightly version but they are not supported for the moment.
2) The next step is to launch Firefox.
3) Then go to the FireMaster add-on.
4) You will get three modes of recovery namely (list mode

What’s New in the FireMaster Portable?

FireMaster Portable is a powerful utility to recover the forgotten password of Firefox. The tool is capable to restore all data of a website from the Firefox key database file. All information such as form/login, login, cookies, passwords etc of a site can be restored from the key database file. It also allows to use a password to recover lost password for all sites from the Firefox key database file.
Thanks to its ability to recover all lost data of a site from the Firefox key database file, we can now use the tool to retrieve forgotten passwords too. There is no need to enter the Master Password for all sites one by one. We can enter a fixed password and choose the sites from the list. This feature is very useful for business users and in their day to day life.
Features of FireMaster Portable:
A. it is a lightweight and reliable tool
B. it can open all Firefox key databases created after version 17.0
C. it can import all the stored data and passwords for a given site into one file.
D. it will not reveal the Master Password. The password is used only for recovery.
E. it will not ask for the Master Password every time when it is being run.
F. it will not ask for the Master Password for the first time. When it is run for the first time, it will ask for the Master Password in case the account does not exists or it is locked
The utility will ask for master password if and only if:
1. the account does not exist.
2. the account has been locked and the user has not set the lock account password.
3. the account has a password that has not been entered in the window yet.
4. the account has been disabled for use.
5. the account has been deleted.
Why FireMaster?
The utility is capable to recover all lost data from Firefox key database file such as login information, username, passwords, cookies etc. This is because it was created to store all data in Firefox. When Firefox faced privacy issues in 2006 and named the ‘cookies’ a ‘supercookies’, the tool was created to support the Firefox key databases. Now, with the latest iteration of Firefox (v46) Firefox key databases have been improved in such a way that it provides support to all sites. Now sites can securely store all their confidential data on a third party server which is trusted to keep it secret

System Requirements For FireMaster Portable:

Supported Platforms: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
This application is designed for regular use and is not recommended for resale. It is licensed as a Consumer Software license.
License Agreement
1. Copyright
The Software is owned by PreKit and is protected by copyright law. The copyright owner retains all other rights.
2. Use
2.1 You may use the Software as long as it remains unmodified. You may not copy, decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the Software in order to reproduce