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Keymacro is a free utility that helps users to control their programs without using keystrokes. The program monitors the user input and saves that information in a log, which can be analyzed or exported for backup purposes.
Among other things, you can enable or disable any hotkeys, change the background and foreground color, clear the browsing history, and specify the limit for browsing the files or folders on the PC.
Moreover, you can change the window position, set the window size, create and customize the logs, as well as use the default settings or configure keymacro to your liking.
Keymacro is a simple and easy to use utility that empowers users to control their programs in a simple way. It saves the keystrokes and offers all the features to create and export them to a file or the clipboard.
Keymacro lets you add new or change existing key macros to control your most used applications, so you can access them with just one click. You can also add a new keymacro if you want to use a function that is not supported by the application.
Keymacro features include the following:
• Ability to run in Stealth mode.
• Fast and smooth mouse movement.
• Scrollbar included.
• Full Windows 7 support.
• Ability to open files in any program or add any folder to the navigation menu.
• Ability to add a custom “start” button to the main window and customize it.
• Ability to change the “maximize, restore, and minimize” shortcuts and move them to the main window.
• Ability to customize the “maximize, minimize, and restore” shortcuts.
• Option to use the primary or the secondary mouse button.
• Option to change the log file format.
• Option to log keystrokes in two files.
• Option to clear the browsing history.
• Option to clear the “focus history.”
• Option to limit browsing files and folders to a maximum of 2 GB.
• Option to limit the browsing files to a maximum of 2 GB.
• Option to choose if the keyboard can be used for the primary or secondary mouse button.
• Option to use only one mouse button.
• Option to use the left mouse button.
• Option to use the right mouse button.
• Option to use the wheel on the mouse.
• Option to use the middle mouse button.
• Option to use the scroll wheel 384a16bd22

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This project uses the Keymacro application as a means of communicating with the network.
The Keymacro application is a command line program that uses the GNU operating system. By issuing the command:
on your command line, you can set your CPU to automatically start searching for Gnutella users. The directory from which you issue the command defines the scope of the search. If you wish to search only within a specific subdirectory, you must specify the subdirectory as the scope. The command line can also be used to search for a specific file, which you specify in the file name.
To download files from Gnutella, use the “get” command. To upload files to the Gnutella network, use the “put” command. The keymacro application will retrieve the list of files from GWebCache and allow you to download them. The GWebCache is a distributed cache application that is capable of quickly downloading files from many different users.
The Keymacro application does not require the use of any graphical user interface application. It does not have to reside on your local computer in order for you to issue commands from the command line. You can use the Keymacro program from the command line to download a file from Gnutella and perform other tasks.
The Keymacro application will search for Gnutella users and allow you to download files. It will also perform other tasks such as search, monitor bandwidth, set CPU idle time, etc.
Keymacro is a fully functional program that is designed to do one thing: connect to Gnutella. It is written in C, with a minimal C++ extension. The Keymacro application can be modified to connect to any Gnutella network.
KEYMACRO Screenshots:
1. Keymacro application

2. Keymacro menu

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