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More is the best thing he has ever seen,” Schofield told me. “He says it’s harder for him to sing and play the trumpet than when he got here, which I think is telling.”

I also met a 17-year-old girl named Rachael from Wisconsin who arrived in Raleigh 10 days ago and is in the refugee line at the Spectrum. “I am scared, because I think that Americans don’t want refugees,” she said.

Rachael, like the other refugees I met, was on a hospital visit, and she was one of the most docile kids I’d ever seen. She was doing her best to be polite to the many people who were trying to get through the line. But she didn’t seem to feel comfortable asking questions about America, or what she would be doing in the future. “I want to do something useful in my life. I don’t want to do nothing,” she said. “I am afraid that I will always be a burden on my family.”

The line moves slowly, at least on the first day, so if it takes 30 minutes to get to the front, there’s about a 30-minute wait to see the doctor, even though the doctors are still there.

I got to talk to Dr. Kirk Boyd, an emergency-room physician who was on duty and mentioned that he got here just two days ago. “We work 14-hour days,” he said, “and when we got here, they allowed us to come in just for two hours.”

Boyd, who


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Enjoy, thanks for the great post.Falaki, Eshkol

Falaki (, lit. Flower Garden) is a moshav in central Israel. Located on the western shore of the Arava, it falls under the jurisdiction of Eshkol Regional Council. In it had a population of.

The village was founded in 1972 by immigrants from the Netherlands who came to the kibbutz movement and subsequently established the settlement of Netvei Yehev. The kibbutz eventually moved to a site to the south of Falaki.

In 2006 there was a controversy with the nearby Israeli Arab village of ʻAin al-Baha over the presence of a waste disposal site in the valley, which according to the villagers was situated in a natural valley and thus a connection of the two villages was inevitable. However, the Israel High Court of Justice ruled that there was no natural connection and ordered the disposal site moved.


Category:Dutch-Jewish culture in Israel
Category:Dutch inventions
Category:Populated places established in 1972
Category:Populated places in Southern District (Israel)
Category:Eshkol Regional Council
Category:1972 establishments in Israel[Alternative autotrophic nitrogen removal via aerobic granule process in vertical flow constructed wetland].
This study examined the feasibility of using a vertical-flow constructed wetland (VFCW) as an alternative autotrophic nitrogen removal technology, with comparison to both an aerated lagoon (AL) and activated sludge process (ASP) in an attempt to assess its suitability for wastewater treatment. Three parallel lab-scale experiments were conducted to examine the long-term performance of different process configurations. Tested were (1) the AL, with influent inorganic nitrogen (NH4+-N and NO3–N) of 5 mg x L(-1), without providing any inorganic carbon source; (2) the ASP, with influent NH4+-N of 5 mg x L(-1)

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