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Another newbie question about BFS, all the definitions I found are too hard to understand

I read many BFS tutorials, most of them are too complicated and hard to understand for me.
Could you please explain each step in BFS clearly, not necessarily to me, but to a newbie?


From the Wikipedia article on BFS:
A DFS starts from each of the root nodes of a graph. For each of these nodes, the algorithm also tests a new child node, and if it is a vertex that has not yet been tested, it is inserted into a queue.
After the algorithm has found all the leaf nodes, it removes the nodes from the queue, with each node “being” the next vertex to be processed.

import {Component, Input, ViewEncapsulation} from ‘@angular/core’;
import {ChildrenAsLists} from ‘../../../../../../../core’;

import {VertexComponent} from ‘../../../../../../../entity/definition/EntityDefinition.svg’;
import {GraphDefinition, GraphType} from ‘../../../../../../../core’;
import {IValue} from ‘../../../../../../../model/component/ComponentModel’;
import {getComponent} from ‘../../../../../../../entity/data/adapter/GraphAdapter.factory’;
import {GraphAdapter, GraphsAdapter, GraphsModel} from ‘../../../../../../data/adapter/GraphsAdapter’;
import {GraphUtils} from ‘../../../../../../util/GraphUtils’;
import {GraphsModel, defaultEdgeIdFactory, defaultNodeFactory, GraphState, StatefulGraphModel} from ‘../../../../../../model/component/StatefulGraphModel’;
import {StatefulGraphComponent} from ‘../../../../../../entity/component/StatefulGraphComponent’;

selector: ‘gr-stateful-component’,
templateUrl: ‘./stateful-graph

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