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Create and manage Short Authentication Handshake keys for use in Wireless LANs.
HANDLE-ACLACLN (Handle Acl ACL Network)
Creates and configures ACL network(s)
HANDLE-ACLAP (Handle Acl Access Point)
Creates and configures access point(s)
HANDLE-ACLAPML (Handle Acl Access Point Managed List)
Managed list of Access Points (APs) created by the system.
HANDLE-CONFIG (Handle Config)
Configures the ACL routers
HANDLE-CONTROL (Handle Control)
Manages the control connection of the ACL router
HANDLE-CREATE (Handle Create)
Creates a new access point
HANDLE-DELETE (Handle Delete)
Deletes an access point
HANDLE-DISCONNECT (Handle Disconnect)
Disconnects a connected access point
HANDLE-FLOOD (Handle Flood)
Flood all packets to the access point
HANDLE-GROUPLIST (Handle Group List)
Display the list of groups for the access point
HANDLE-MODIFY (Handle Modify)
Modify properties of an access point
HANDLE-SECURITY (Handle Security)
Set or change security parameters
HANDLE-UPDATE (Handle Update)
Update access points or access point groups.
HANDLE-USAGE (Handle Usage)
Displays ACL packets received/sent per access point.
HANDLE-VERSION (Handle Version)
Displays the version of the system
View the ACL information
View the ACL entry
HANDLE-VIEW-ENTRY (Handle View Entry)
View the entry
HANDLE-VIEW-LIST (Handle View List)
View the access point list
HANDLE-VIEW-LIST-ENTRY (Handle View List Entry)
View the entry
HANDLE-VIEW-SEQUENCE (Handle View Sequence)
View the access point sequence
HANDLE-VIEW-SEQUENCE-ENTRY (Handle View Sequence Entry)
View the entry
Displays the VLAN 384a16bd22

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IndicXP Plus allows you to enable Indic Support and allow you to type in Hindi in Windows 2000 and XP.
You may install this using the WinRAR FileSharing utility.
Version 1.0 Features:
+ Choose Language : You can choose English or Hindi. Hindi language is also known as Hindi-Urdu. You can check all details about the selected language by clicking the ‘Help’ button.
+ Use Windows Hotkey : You can change the language-switching key to the shortcut ctrl+shift instead of the default alt+shift. Ctrl+Shift is the default key combination for the UNIX style terminals. This will improve the typing of Hindi by Indian users on English Windows systems.
+ Type in Hindi : If you type Hindi in Windows 2000 or XP then you will see characters being converted. If you want to enter the Hindi language using standard indian chars, then you can type in Hindi by pressing alt+4. This character corresponds to the letter ‘ह’.
+ Use IME to type in Hindi : If you choose Hindi in the above ‘Choose Language’ menu then Indic XP Plus can also be used as an IME to type in Hindi. The user interface will be the same as if you type in a different Indic language.
+ Supports older versions of Windows : If you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98 then you can try using Indic XP Plus in those OS versions. However, if you do not have a Windows CD, you cannot enable Hindi support.
+ To put hotkey setting back : In the control panel language tab you can change the language-switching key to the default alt+shift and reset all hotkeys to the default setting.
+ Remove all language pack settings : If you are not using a CD then you can remove all the language pack settings for Hindi from control panel.

Windows 2000 / XP (32 bit):
Extract the rar file using WinRAR.
Click the file ‘IndicXP’ and run the setup file.
Click ‘Install’.
Click ‘Uninstall’ and select ‘Deactivate’ on the below menu and click on ‘Finish’.
Restart your PC.

Windows 2000 / XP (64 bit):
Extract the rar file using WinRAR.
Click the file ‘IndicXP_64’ and run the setup file.
Click ‘Install’.
Click ‘Uninstall’ and select ‘Deactivate’ on the below menu