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Text to Speech TTS is a useful and simple to handle piece of software, which was created for Windows 8 systems, its main function being to transform written words into oral speech, at the press of a button.
Clean and straightforward appearance
The application features a basic user interface, its looks being aimed particularly at novices, as you will truly face no difficulty in working with it, from the first run.
The main window displays the text panel, where you can type, paste or open from a locally stored document the text that you want to hear.
Write or open your file and listen to its audio rendering
Text to Speech TTS lets you edit the material you wish to hear as it is being read, offering cut, copy, paste and delete features. In addition, the ‘Font Increase’ and ‘Font Decrease’ buttons aim to help you find the best fit for visualizing the sentences as they are being pronounced.
From the ‘Language’ menu, you can select the one corresponding to your document (English, French, German, Italian and others), after which you can press on the ‘Click to Speech’ button, which will cause the program to begin enunciating the contents of your written file, highlighting the current part as it is being read.
Aside from basic player functions (pause, stop, next and previous), Text to Speech TTS does not feature any other components, such as the ability to choose the voice or adjust the volume, while saving the speech to an audio file is out of the question.
A simple text enunciator
To sum it up, Text to Speech TTS is a handy albeit fairly basic utility for Windows 8, that you can use for converting words into their audio counterpart, enabling you to listen to long stretches of text in several languages. Text to Speech TTS freeware at Devtator.com

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How to Convert a Zip File into an IPSW File

Anyone who has ever worked with jailbreak files will know that the process of transferring them from one device to another usually involves extracting a zip archive. Indeed, in order to work on the firmware of the mobile phone, you need to get it in the form of an IPSW package. But if you try to transfer this file to another iOS device, you will find it in a ZIP form.

This is exactly what many users have to deal with when moving their jailbroken devices to new gadgets. But do not worry, as you can easily convert a ZIP file into an IPSW one with the help of the zip 2 ipsw Converter utility. This handy tool is available for both Mac and Windows users.

How to Install zip 2 ipsw Converter

As the name of the software implies, it is capable of converting only those firmware packages that are in ZIP format. This means that you can use it to change a.ZIP file into a standard.IPSW one, no matter which mobile device it is installed on.

The application requires iTunes, so you can use it to create a backup for your jailbroken device. This backup will then be created in a ZIP file format, which is compatible with the ZIP 2 ipsw converter.

Before you install zip 2 ipsw Converter, you need to purchase a copy of the utility at the official website. The cost of the application is not very high, but it should not come as a surprise as the program is quite simple and free of defects.

Once you have installed the application, you need to launch it and you will find the main interface of zip 2 ipsw Converter.

Zip 2 ipsw Converter Interface

As you can see, the interface of the tool is not too fancy, but it is easy to use as it does not contain too many options. The main window allows you to browse through different categories, including the ones shown below.

You can see that the categories of the program allow you to browse through different types of files, including music and videos. You can also select the items you want to include in your conversion operation.

The interface also features a search bar that will help you quickly locate any particular file, even if it is not stored in the library.

You can also add a new source file for the conversion process. This process is the most time-consuming one, so if you are