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Rapid IQ Builder is a software program designed specifically to help you improve your short-term memory and general mental sharpness. The installation process is a piece of cake and brings you to quite a clear-cut interface, which enables both experienced and novice users to find their way around it, without facing any kind of problem.
The main window presents a long list of exercises you can choose between. They are split into two categories, sequential processing and more advanced tests. The former encloses a combination of visual and audio numbers in sequence which you have to remember, while the latter requires you to remember a combination of elements.
Several user accounts can be created, so that it can be used by several people and keep score for each one, while it is possible to customize different aspects of each and every exercise, from the settings panel.
To be more precise, you can set display speed of items, total exercise duration, number or trials and level to start with. Aside from that, it is possible to change the color of the backdrop, sequential processing and grid.
There is also a panel in which you can view data pertaining to exercise results for each day, such as date, correct answers, visual hints and misses, number or trials and audio misses.
CPU and RAM usage is minimal, and thus the tool does not put a strain on your computer’s performance. Moreover, there are no Help contents to access, yet they are not actually needed if you take into account how simple to use it is.
Taking all of this into consideration, it becomes apparent Rapid IQ Builder is an efficient piece of software and a good choice for people interested in sharpening their mental acuity.
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Ningbo Power Scientific App, Inc. as a leading company in the world of audio and video products, has been working on a series of products based on PIC MCUs, such as the multiplexing-decode device, USB audio dongle, laser diode driver and et cetera, and the multi-channel audio amplifier. One of the products that have drawn much attention in the market is a PIC-based video monitor.
But it’s interesting that a variety of companies, including Fujitsu, have been working on a video monitor based on PIC MCUs.
It seems that the main difference between this product and the existing products is that they use the green laser diode as the light source.

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Portable Chronometask is a program that enables you to act as a digital stopwatch, reminder and countdown timer. It is a simple app that provides a good-looking interface and a lot of useful features.
Key features:
• Possibility to adjust the display in minutes and hours, as well as the date, month, day, and year.
• Stopwatch with a second precision (next, previous).
• Countdown timer (up to a maximum of 24 hours).
• Real-time graph to monitor the time elapsed and counting.
• Real-time clock to check the current time in your time zone.
• Indication of the current date, hour and time in local time.
• Possibility to log off, shutdown or restart the computer.
• Log to a text file (every time the timer is stopped).
• Log to a text file in reverse chronological order.
• Possibility to open the same file with a new version of Portable Chronometask.
• Possibility to restart the countdown if interrupted.
• Possibility to play a sound or a sound from a WAV file.
• Possibility to play a sound or a sound from a WAV file.
• Possibility to launch a specified URL.
• Possibility to log to a file on your hard drive and to open it with a new Portable Chronometask version.
• Possibility to record time lapses with a video.
• Possibility to take a screenshot of the whole screen.
• Possibility to turn the graphical user interface into an icon.
• Possibility to perform math calculations on time lapses, elapsed time and remaining time.
• Possibility to start a stopwatch when the countdown reaches zero.
• Possibility to display your time in any decimal notation (15 minutes and 15.65 seconds, for example).
• Possibility to display hours and minutes with a comma (01, 30, and 02, 10, for example).
• Possibility to change the window layout.
• Possibility to customize the background color, text color, and fonts.
• You can download Portable Chronometask (Portable App 1.0) from PortableApps.com, which is available for free.

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