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The fastest way to uninstall installed apps.

Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7.

Removes also both 32 and 64 bit apps.

Uninstall apps in just one click.

All apps are listed by name in a tree view.

Open your apps folder or Desktop.

Take a look at the list of your installed apps and select the one you want to uninstall.

Now click the Uninstall button.

Now there is a Scan button on the top toolbar.

The old apps found will be marked with an orange icon. The new apps are greyed out, but still left on your PC.

Scan now only marked the apps.

Click the Scan button to remove the old apps.

All the apps are now listed on the right side panel.

You can select any of the app to remove it.

The app is removed from your PC.

Removing the apps is totally secure and safe.

Removal of an app is quick.

You can remove the apps without restarting the PC.

Now the app is completely removed from your PC.


Uninstall apps in just one click

Reverse search for applications

Detects both 32 and 64 bit apps

Removes all types of apps (non-installed apps, game related apps, multimedia apps, etc.)

Removes even apps installed by using an MSI installer package

The list of apps is available for all Windows versions

The main drawback is that Fire U Uninstaller only launches the main uninstaller of the application and doesn’t look for leftovers, as some of the full-features tools in this particular software category already do. Such a feature could come extremely handy for the overall stability of the system, as many of the installed products leave behind not only files and folders, but also invalid registry keys that slow down the computer. Fire U Uninstaller however doesn’t require any advanced computer skills and can be safely installed by rookies too.

Final Thought

Fire U Uninstaller has been designed to get rid of apps from your system as fast as possible.

It works great and is fast to use.

It’s a simple tool to remove apps as it lets you quickly locate and remove apps installed on your computer.

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The menu is a key element of every Windows application. It can be used to navigate through menus or to provide a user interface for a program. Menu Designer enables you to design the menu and to create all the required aspects of the app. It allows you to add new menu items, to change icons and to build the menu in a very simple way.
You only need to write the name of each item in order to add it to the menu. Even the name of the file can be instantly filled based on the caption of a menu item. This is an important feature since it saves you a lot of time.
The visual menu editor enables you to rearrange menu items and to create a complex structure quickly and efficiently. You only need to write the name of each item in order to add it to the menu. Even the name of the file can be instantly filled based on the caption of a menu item.
This tool can improve your productivity by reloading the last session or by creating a list of favorite projects that can be loaded with one mouse click. The capture menu feature enables you to load a menu structure from an external VB file or directly from an executable file.
In order to embed the menu in your application you need to generate the code for the menu options and to save them to a DLL file. This operation is performed by the Menu Creator add-in by simply pushing a button.
The package also includes the MenuExtended library that allows you to change the aspect of the menu items. It provides you with multiple menu styles that can be easily applied to your project and customized.
This is an extremely useful tool that you should have installed on your computer when you create a new Visual Basic project. Since every app needs a nicely designed and easy to use menu, you should try it when creating a new program in Visual Basic.
Installer Details:
· Designed For Visual Basic 6
· Advanced Menu Features
· Including The MenuExtended Library
· Including The MenuCreator.dll
· Displaying The Most Popular Icons
· Including The Most Popular Menus
* The MenuItemsBuilder.dll
* MenuStyleBuilder.dll
* XMLHelp.xsd
* ToAddMenu.xsd
· Displaying The Most Common Menu Layouts
· Save Your Menu Templates
· Quick Menu Builder
· Save Menus As Dll’s
· Menu Creator Features

Menu Item Creator is a development tool that allows you to create menus with enhanced functions for Visual