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What’s interesting is that the output is a three-state output (true, false and don’t care) with a built-in OR gate. That means that if you’re providing the PLA with a true, and the output is false, it will return true.
So, the process is very simple:

P1 and P2 are being supplied with true.
OR gate will combine these inputs into a single true.
Output is true (whatever).

The next process is being supplied with a false, and the output is false.
OR gate will combine these inputs into a single false.
Output is false (whatever).

The next process is being supplied with a don’t care, and the output is don’t care (whatever).
OR gate will combine these inputs into a single don’t care (whatever).
Output is don’t care (whatever).

Note that if you set P1 and P2 to false, you will get a false at the output. However, when you set them to a don’t care, you will get a don’t care (whatever) and that may not be the same as a false.

Note: Be sure to read the original question. It is not the same as using a if-else structure in case you are not aware.

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A known method for correcting errors is to provide a recursive filter in the receiver. A disadvantage of such a method is that the recursive filter is very expensive and furthermore, the error correction is limited.
The object of the present invention is to provide a method and an arrangement for correcting errors in the case of digitally and analog-signal-sampled received signals which do not have the disadvantages of the known methods and arrangements.
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comparing at least two adjacent samples in the received eea19f52d2


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